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Ignoring Pretoria: South Africa seems poised to complete its long climb to democracy for all--or slide into civil war
von Stanfield, Rochelle L
In: National Journal, 23 (1991), p. 642-645 : il(s)

...Critical of US policy toward South Africa; possibility of lifting sanctions....

Home economics: just about everyone agrees that when it comes to adequate housing for poor people, there's no substitute for money; but just about everyone also agrees that there's not enough money to do the job; and so the Clinton administration has turned to the only resource that seems to be cheap: innovation
von Stanfield, Rochelle L
In: National Journal, 25 (1993), p. 2999-3002 : il(s)

...Possibility of making available for rent thousands of houses and apartments owned by the federal government as a result of foreclosures in federal insurance and loan-guarantee programs; US. Some focus...

A U-turn for beltways
von Stanfield, Rochelle L
In: National Journal, 11 (1979), 405 p.

...Increasing opposition to circumferential highways, based on the belief that they drain inner cities of businesses and taxpayers....

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