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State involution: a study of local finances in North China, 1911-1935
von Duara, P
In: Comparative Studies in Society and History, 29 (1987), Jan 87, p. 132-61

...Notes a curious paradox to be found in the Chinese experience of state making: the expansion of the power of the Chinese state occurs concomitantly with growing anarchy in local society. In other word...

Outcome measures for erectile dysfunction 1: literature review
von Dorey, G
In: British Journal of Nursing, 11 (2002), 1, p. 54-64

...Describes and evaluates critically the outcome measures available for the assessment of the conservative treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). The literature review identified 26 outcome measures. O...

Outcome measures for erectile dysfunction 2: evaluation
von Dorey, G
In: British Journal of Nursing, 11 (2002), 2, p. 120-5

...In the second part of a two-part article, discusses and evaluates the range of outcome measures for erectile dysfunction identified from the literature review in part one (Volume 11, Number 1). The li...

The benefits of in-home pharmacy evaluation for older persons
von Der, E H; Rubenstein, L Z; Choy, G S
In: Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 45 (1997), 2, p. 211-14
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...Assesses the potential benefit of a pharmacist performing in-home medication evaluations on frail older people. Finds that an in-home pharmacy assessment reveals many problems with drug administration...

The Code of Practice through LEA eyes
von Dyer, C
In: British Journal of Special Education, 22 (1995), 2, p. 48-51s

...Places the Code of Practice in its historical context and considers it through the eyes of a Local Education Authority Officer. A critical appreciation of the good and less good aspects and thoughts o...

The cultural production and reproduction of gender: the effect of extracurricular activities on peer-group culture
von Eder, D; Parker, S
In: Sociology of Education, 60 (1987), Jul 87, p. 200-13
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...Studies of gender socialisation in schools have focused primarily on the role of textbooks and formal instruction in the promotion of traditioanl gender roles. Suggests it is important to determine th...

The content of African American mothers' discussions with their adolescents about sex
von DiIorio, C; Hockenberry-Eaton, M; Maibach, E; Rivero, T
In: Journal of Family Nursing, 2 (1996), 4, p. 365-82s
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...Using a focus group approach, sought to explore the role of African American mothers in the education of their adolescents about sexuality including the provision of factual information and transmissi...

The costs of Medicare patients in nursing homes in the United States: a multiple output analysis
von Dor, A
In: Journal of Health Economics, 8 (1989), Dec 89, p. 253-70

...With the costs of those requiring treatment under Medicare being high, those requiring nursing home treatment will remain disadvantaged until Medicare reimbursements are brought into line with nursing...

The duration of breast-feeding: how is it affected by biological, sociodemographic, health sector, and food industry factors?
von Adair, L S; Popkin, B M; Guilkey, D K
In: Demography, 30 (1993), 1, p. 63-80 table
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...Explores the duration of full and partial breast-feeding in more than 2,600 infants. Finds food industry and health sector practices, the mother's perception of being pregnant, infant fatness, and a s...

The Driving Expectancy Questionnaire: development, psychometric assessment and predictive utility among young drink-drivers
von Deery, H A; Love, A W
In: Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 57 (1996), 2, p. 193-202 : table refs

...The results revealed two factors of expectancies, driving skill and driving style, supporting the proposed model. The reliability, internal validity and relative independence of the factors were large...

The development of a school-based psychotherapy service for adolescents
von Dyer, T J; Elliott, F M
In: Psychiatric Bulletin, 19 (1995), 1, p. 13-15s

...Gives an alternative view of service provision for adolescents with emotional difficulties centred around 4 high schools. Believes that the service offered differs in a number of ways and has a number...

The effect of a moderate dose of alcohol on the traffic hazard perception profile of young drink-drivers
von Deery, H A; Love, A W
In: Addiction, 91 (1996), 6, p. 815-27

...Studied young drivers across the spectrum of drink-driving practices, from non drink-drivers to DWI offenders. Examined alcohol's effect on their hazard perception profile, including aspects of both d...

The effect of pupil appearance on teacher expectations
von Dare, G J
In: Early Child Development and Care, 80 (1992), 1992, p. 97-101

...Reports that pupils' physical appearance affects not only teacher expectations of behaviour and intelligence but also expectations of school performance, general behaviour, personality and even of par...

The effect of school environment on body concerns in adolescent women
von Dyer, G; Tiggemann, M
In: Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, 34 (1996), 1/2, p. 127-38 : table refs

...Girls at a private single-sex school nominated a thinner ideal figure and displayed more eating disorder patterns than their counterparts at a private coeducation school. Although the schools did not ...

The effect of shared ownership on the private housing market in Northern Ireland
von Adair, A; McGreal, S; McKay, S
In: Housing Review, 39 (1990), May/Jun 90, p. 62-3

...A dominant factor promoting Northern Ireland's much higher rate of new build than in Britain has been shared ownership. Looks at findings of a behavioural survey of purchasers, noting socioeconomic ch...

The functional anatomy of inspection time: a pilot fMRI study
von Deary, I J; Simonotto, E; Marshall, A; Marshall, I; Goddard, N; Wardlaw, J M
In: Intelligence, 29 (2001), 6, p. 497-510

...Contribution to a special issue on the topic of inspection time. Seven healthy subjects underwent functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of the brain while performing an inspection time task. Em...

The first decade of ARTS: the congress years 1992-2000
von Adair, J G
In: International Journal of Psychology, 36 (2001), 3, p. 202-4

...Reviews past Advanced Research and Training Seminars (ARTS) and examines changes in the manner of selecting convenors and seminar topics, in the coordinator and convenor roles in the administration of...

The generalizability and construct validity of the modern sexism scale: some cautionary notes
von Yoder, J D; McDonald, T W
In: Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, 36 (1997), 9/10, p. 655-63 : table refs
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...The purpose is to explore the Modern Sexism Scale with a small but diverse (in terms of race, age, and years of job experience), nationwide sample of women firefighters and to further probe the constr...

The great grain dilemma: peasants and state policy in revolutionary Nicaragua
von Dore, E
In: Peasant Studies, 17 (1990), Winter 90, p. 96-120

...Proposes that propeasant policies contributed to a response that is difficult to record and quantify. As real wages declined, proletarianised families reduced their traditional participation in the ma...

The high prevalence of depression and dementia in elder abuse or neglect
von Dyer, C B; Pavlik, V N; Murphy, K P; Hyman, D J
In: Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 48 (2000), 2, p. 205-8
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...Describes the characteristics of abused or neglected patients and compares the prevalence of depression and dementia in neglected patients with that of patients referred for other reasons. Highlights ...

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