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Retirement Timing in Germany: The Impact of Household Characteristics
von Drobnic, Sonja
In: International Journal of Sociology, 32 (2002), 2, p. 75-102
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...This article examines the timing of retirement in a household context, using longitudinal data on employment and family careers It investigates the retirement decisions of unmarried and married elderl...

The effects of children on married and lone mothers' employment in the United States and (West) Germany
von Drobnic, S
In: European Sociological Review, 16 (2000), 2, p. 137-57
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...Focuses on the effects of children on the labour supply of married and lone mothers in the USA and Germany using individual-level longitudinal data and event-history analysis. Employment exits and (re...

Clinical care of gambling disorders: training, experience, and competence among VHA psychologists
von Drebing, C E; Mello, A; Penk, W; Krebs, C; Van Ormer, E A; Peterson, R L; Federman, E J
In: Journal of Gambling Studies, 17 (2001), 2, p. 117-36

...Levels of clinical training, clinical experience, and professional competence for providing clinical services for problem gambling were examined in a survey of 181 clinical psychologists working in th...

Confounding factors in the measurement of depression in HIV
von Drebing, C E; Van Gorp, W G; Hinkin, C; Miller, E N
In: Journal of Personality Assessment, 62 (1994), 1, p. 68-83 table

...Investigates the nature of elevated depression scores on the MMPI-168 in infected individuals. Compared asymptomatic HIV-1 seropositives, symptomatic HIV-1 seropositives and a comparison group of HIV-...

The Dream in midlife women: its impact on mental health
von Drebing, C E; Gooden, W E; Drebing, S M; Van De Kemp, H
In: International Journal of Aging and Human Development, 40 (1995), 1, p. 73-87 : table refs

...Such women (N=90) filled out a questionnaire examining Dream Status, Dream Success, Dream Content and Dream Support, as well as mental health factors of depression, anxiety and purpose-in-life. Dream ...

The impact of the dream on mental health functioning in the male midlife transition
von Drebing, C E; Gooden, W E
In: International Journal of Aging and Human Development, 32 (1991), 1991, p. 277-87
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...Levinson suggests that during this period in the life cycle the status of the Dream becomes a prominent issue, as men become increasingly aware of the limits of their achievements. Results support the...

Multiple-drug-resistant tuberculosis
von Drobniewski, F A
In: Lancet, Lancet (2000), s62 : il.

...Patients with multiple-drug-resistant tuberculosis (MDRTB) - ie, resistant to at least isoniazid and rifampicin - are difficult to treat, remain infectious for longer than patients with drug-susceptib...

Tuberculosis in prisons-forgotten plague
von Drobniewski, F
In: Lancet, 346 (1995), 8980, p. 948-9s

...Tuberculosis remains the world's leading cause of death from infectious disease. The factors associated with infection, including overcrowding, concurrent infection with HIV, immigration from high-inc...

von Derber, C
In: Social Policy, 28 (1998), 3, p. 27-31
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...Argues that the long-term populist goal now, as at the end of the last century, should be to return sovereignty to ordinary citizens, to create economic alternatives that will make this possible, and ...

Tailoring lay health worker interventions for diverse cultures: lessons learned from vietnamese and Latina communities
von Adair Bird, J; Otero-Sabogal, R; McPhee, S J; Ha, N-T
In: Health Education Quarterly, 23 (1996), Suppt., p. S105-22s

...Lay health worker programs in Vietnamese and Latino communities show the influence of each community's culture and structure on the intervention designs and recruitment and training of lay health work...

The Children's Global Assessment Scale (CGAS) and Global Assessment of Psychosocial Disability (GAPD) in clinical practice - substance and reliability as judged by intraclass correlations
von Dyrborg, J; Larsen, F W; Nielsen, S; Byman, J; Nielsen, B B; Gautre-Delay, F
In: European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 9 (2000), 3, p. 195-201

...Studies on the inter-rater reliability on the CGAS and the GAPD involving different subgroups of 145 outpatients from 4-16 years of age showed fair to substantial intraclass correlations of 0.59 to 0....

The need for change in post-secondary education for rehabilitation workers: findings based on literature search
von Drybrough, G
In: Journal of Practical Approaches to Developmental Handicap, 16 (1992), 1992, p. 15-19

...There is an identified gap between the competence and job-related expectations of rehabilitation workers and the level and type of education and training available. Argues that the quality of life for...

Motivating workers in emerging countries: universal tools and local adaptations
von d'Iribarne, P
In: Journal of Organizational Behavior, 23 (2002), 3, p. 243-56

...Presents 2 case studies of highly successful factories operating in emerging countries. Sgs-Thomson in Morocco and Danone in Mexico provide exemplars of ways in which corporate cultures can promote pr...

Type A personality as a mediator of stress and strain in employed women
von Dearborn, M J; Hastings, J E
In: Journal of Human Stress, 13 (1987), Summer 87, p. 53-60

...Type A women report more nervousness in all situations and more dysphoria of all kinds at work. Correlations between job dissatisfaction and rated job stress with symptoms were calculated separately f...

Diverging academic paths in rural Caribbean village children: predicting secondary school entrance for the St. Vincent Child Study
von Durbrow, E H; Schaefer, B A; Jimerson, S
In: School Psychology International, 23 (2002), 2, p. 155-68

...In St. Vincent in the Caribbean, urban children are more likely than children from villages to pass the Common Entrance Examination, a requirement for a place at secondary school. Reports a study find...

Learning behaviours, attention and anxiety in Caribbean children: beyond the 'usual suspects' in explaining academic performance
von Durbrow, E H; Schaefer, B A; Jimerson, S R
In: School Psychology International, 21 (2000), 3, p. 242-51

...Studied village children aged 6-12 years living on St. Vincent in the West Indies. Hierarchical regression indicated that anxiety, attention and learning-related behaviours explained 32-35% of the var...

Learning-related behaviours versus cognitive ability in the academic performance of Vincentian children
von Durbrow, E H; Schaefer, B A; Jimerson, S R
In: British Journal of Educational Psychology, 71 (2001), 3, p. 471-83

...A previous study reported that scores on the Learning Behaviour Scale (LBS) and the Revised Behaviour Problem Checklist (RBPC) were correlated with academic scores and achievement test scores for vill...

Mothers' conceptions of child competence in contexts of poverty: the Philippines, St Vincent, and the United States
von Durbrow, E H; Pena, L F; Masten, A; Sesma, A; Williamson, I
In: International Journal of Behavioral Development, 25 (2001), 5, p. 438-43

...To explore mothers' conceptions of child competence in 3 contexts of poverty, 58 mothers in a Filipino village, a Caribbean village, and an inner-city American homeless shelter described competent chi...

Drinking in alcoholics following an alcohol challenge research protocol
von Drobes, D J; Anton, R F
In: Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 61 (2000), 2, p. 220-4

...Examined the impact of participating in an alcohol administration study on the subsequent drinking behaviour of 25 non-treatment-seeking alcoholics. Findings suggest that alcohol administration resear...

How does cognitive therapy work? Cognitive change and symptom change in cognitive therapy and pharmacotherapy for depression
von DeRubeis, R J
In: Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 58 (1990), Dec 90, p. 862-9
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...Concludes that cognitive phenomena play mediational roles in cognitive therapy. However, data do not support their status as sufficient mediators. (Abstract amended)...

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