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A comparison of language production skills of preschoolers with special needs in segregated and integrated settings
von Durbach, M; Pence, A R
In: Early Child Development and Care, 68 (1991), 1991, p. 49-69

...Results, with each child serving as his or her own control, indicated that 60% of the children were more verbally productive in a segregated setting during free play periods, and in an integrated comm...

Instructional objectives in patient education
von Durbach, E; Goodall, R; Wilkinson, K
In: Nursing Outlook, 35 (1987), Mar/Apr 87, 82+ p.

...Discusses patient education programmes which are fairly recent additions to hospitals in North America. Patient education aims to (1) assist patients to become active participants in their own care, t...

Measuring qualitative aspects of preschool boys' noncompliance: the response style questionnaire (RSQ)
von Drabick, D A G; Strassberg, Z; Kees, M R
In: Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 29 (2001), 2, p. 129-39

...Reports the development of the Response Style Questionnaire to measure the multidimensional qualities of child noncompliance. Tests of internal validity provided a 5-factor solution, featuring distinc...

Reflections on the sociodemographic and medicolegal profiles of female criminal defendants
von Aderibigbe, Y A; Arboleda-Florez, J; Crisante, A
In: International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 40 (1996), 1, p. 74-84 : table refs
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...The sample included 222 women referred by the courts to a forensic psychiatric service over a 10-year period. The typical female defendant was young, poorly educated, occupationally disadvantaged, unm...

The neglect of culture in psychiatric nosology: the case of culture bound syndromes
von Aderibigbe, Y A; Pandurangi, A K
In: International Journal of Social Psychiatry, 41 (1995), 4, p. 235-41s

...Attempts to illustrate the effect of culture on psychopathology, with special emphasis on the diagnosis and classification of culture bound syndromes. Suggests some questions that need to be addressed...

A multi-centre rapid assessment of injecting drug use in India
von Dorabjee, J; Samson, L
In: International Journal of Drug Policy, 11 (2000), 1-2, p. 99-112
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...In 1998, a series of 5 rapid situation assessments (RSA) of injecting drug use were undertaken by The Society for Service to Urban Poverty covering Mumbai, Chennai, Calcutta, Delhi and Imphal. The RSA...

Self and community based opioid substitution among opioid dependent populations in the Indian sub-continent
von Dorabjee, J D; Samson, L J
In: International Journal of Drug Policy, 9 (1998), 6, p. 411-16

...Discusses how substances such as cannabinoids and opioids have found their way to Western markets at substantial profit margins and how this has resulted in international pressure for supply reduction...

How do French junior secondary schools operate? Academic achievement, grading and streaming of students
von Duru-Bellat, M; Mingat, A
In: European Sociological Review, 5 (1989), May 89, p. 47-64
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...Students' school careers have been analysed in 3 sequential and cumulative components: student progress in learning in the junior secondary school, student grading by teachers, and student streaming. ...

Social inequalities in French secondary schools: from figures to theories
von Duru-Bellat, M
In: British Journal of Sociology of Education, 17 (1996), 3, p. 341-50 : table refs
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...In spite of the unified type of junior secondary school (the `college') implemented in France since 1975, significant social inequalities of school careers can be observed today. A specific longitudin...

The lost children of Sao Paulo
von di Robilant, A
In: Independent (1989), 18 Mar 89, 29 : il.

...Living in the shadow of the cathedral, street children steal, beg, sniff glue and give birth. Reports from Brazil on part of the worldwide betrayal of childhood. (Abstract amended)...

The new Italians
von Di Robilant, A
In: Independent Magazine (1990), 16 Jun 90, 32-3 : il.

...Italy has a long tradition of open borders, but only recently has this resulted in mass immigration. Now, under pressure from the EC, the Italians are tightening rules of entry. Reports from Reggio Em...

Classroom composition and the design of instruction
von Dreeben, R; Barr, R
In: Sociology of Education, 61 (1988), Jul 88, p. 129-42
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...This study of elementary school classrooms and instructional groups departs from the familiar formulations and shows how school systems successively transform the composition of schools, grades, and c...

Factors associated with multiple sex partners among junior high school students
von Durbin, M; DiClemente, R J; Siegel, D; Krasnovsky, F
In: Journal of Adolescent Health, 14 (1993), 3, p. 202-7 table
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...Logistic regression analysis evaluated the influence of demographic, psychosocial, and behavioral factors on the adolescents' lifetime number of sex partners. Intervention programs will have to identi...

Needs-based planning: evaluation of a level-of-care planning model
von Durbin, J; Cochrane, J; Goering, P; Macfarlane, D
In: Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research, 28 (2001), 1, p. 67-80

...With the closure of several provincial psychiatric hospitals planned, the Ministry of Health of Ontario has commissioned a series of planning projects to identify alternative placements for current ho...

Predicting the 2 1/2-year outcome of dysthymic disorder: the roles of childhood adversity and family history of psychopathology
von Durbin, C E; Klein, D N; Schwartz, J E
In: Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 68 (2000), 1, p. 57-63

...Followed-up outpatients with dysthymic disorder over 30-months, finding that a number of measures of childhood adversity and familial psychopathology assessed at baseline predicted outcome. Finds the ...

Parenting style and peer group membership among European-American adolescents
von Durbin, D L; Darling, N; Steinberg, L; Brown, B B
In: Journal of Research on Adolescence, 3 (1993), 1, p. 87-100 table
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...Found that adolescents who described their parents as authoritative were more likely to desire membership in, describe their friends as part of, and report that they were perceived to be members of cr...

Postsecondary education of white women in 1900
von Durbin, N E; Kent, L
In: Sociology of Education, 62 (1989), Jan 89, p. 1-13

...Uses state-level data from 1900 to examine relationships between social-structural characteristics and enrollments in 3 types of institutions of higher education: coeducational colleges and universiti...

Trends in incidence of pediatric injury hospitalizations in Pennsylvania
von Durbin, D R; Schwarz, D F; Localio, A R; MacKenzie, E J
In: American Journal of Public Health, 90 (2000), 11, p. 1782-4

...Surveys short-term trends in pediatric injury hospitalisations using a population based retrospective cohort design to study all children 15 years or younger who were admitted to all acute care hospit...

Guest Editor's Introduction
von Drobnic, Sonja
In: International Journal of Sociology, 32 (2002), 2, p. 3-10

...Introduction to articles that address retirement timing of men and women in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, and the US. The articles focus on marital, family, and other household-related factors th...

Political participation of Yugoslav immigrants in Sweden
von Drobnic, S
In: European Journal of Political Research, 16 (1988), Nov 88, p. 645-58

...Describes the migration flow from Yugoslavia to Sweden in the context of large-scale international labour migration in post-war Europe. Further, an empirical comparative analysis is carried out on the...

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