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Health needs of ethnic elderly people
von Darby, S J
In: Health Visitor, 62 (1989), Oct 89, 304-5 : il.

...The ethnic elderly population is growing and has specific health needs. Health visitors need training to promote health education to this population. (Original abstract)...

Alert to allergies
von Darby, Y; Scaddings, G
In: Nursing Times, 95 (1999), 41, 62, 65 p.

...Babies with atopic eczema have a 70% chance of developing asthma. Argues that better understanding of allergens could reduce disease severity. Considers pharmacotherapy and immunotherapy in the treatm...

Medical general practice: influencing clients' levels of satisfaction
von Darby, D N
In: Journal of Quality in Clinical Practice, 16 (1996), 4, p. 215-25

...Describes the pilot testing of the widely used Model of Service Quality adapted to a general practice context. The results suggest that the adapted model may be used to help improve practice design an...

Importance of age at infection with HIV-1 for survival and development of AIDS in UK haemophilia population
von Darby, S C; Ewart, D W; Giangrande, P L F; Spooner, R J D
In: Lancet, 8 (1996), p. 1573-9

...Concludes that age at infection with HIV-1 is a more important determinant of survival than has previously been appreciated. Age should, therefore, be considered in future studies of disease progressi...

Mortality from liver cancer and liver disease in haemophilic men and boys in UK given blood products contaminated with hepatitis C
von Darby, S C; Ewart, D W; Giangrande, P L F; Spooner, R J D; Rizza, C R; Dusheiko, G M; Lee, C A; Ludlam, C A; Preston, F E
In: Lancet, 15 (1997), p. 1425-31

...Describes a cohort study of 4865 men and boys treated between 1969 and 1985 with blood products carrying a high risk of HCV infection. Finds an emerging risk of mortality from liver disease and liver ...

Incidence of AIDS and excess of mortality associated with HIV in haemophiliacs in the United Kingdom: report on behalf of the directors of haemophilia centres in the United Kingdom
von Darby, S C; Stratton, I M; Spooner, R J D; Doll, R; Rizza, C R; Thakrar, B
In: British Medical Journal, 298 (1989), 22 Apr 89, p. 1064-8

...Rate of progression to AIDS depended strongly on age. There is a substantial burden of fatal disease among patients positive for HIV who have not been formally diagnosed as having AIDS. (Abstract amen...

NHS Direct and health advice
von Darby, S
In: Community Practitioner, 75 (2002), 11, 417 p.

...NHS Direct is forecast to filter all out-of-hours health care by 2004. A nurse advisor and part time paediatric staff nurse takes a look at what the service can offer. (Original abstract - amended)...

Analysis of 112 juveniles who committed homicide: characteristics and a closer look at family abuse
von Darby, P J; Allan, W D; Kashani, J H; Hartke, K L; Reid, J C
In: Journal of Family Violence, 13 (1998), 4, p. 365-75

...Examined a sample of 112 adolescents convicted of homicide in adult court and sentenced to prison in the USA. Data are presented regarding their psychosocial characteristics, delineation of the crimes...

Opioid conversion guidelines for managing adult cancer pain
von Derby, S A
In: American Journal of Nursing, 99 (1999), 10, p. 62-5

...Advanced practice nurses commonly order drugs and determine dosages, and are familiar with basic pharmacology, indications for drug use, potential adverse effects and usual dose ranges. They also need...

A summary of mortality and incidence of cancer in men from the United Kingdom who participated in the United Kingdom's atmospheric nuclear weapon tests and experimental programmes
von Darby, S C; Dennis, J A; Ball, A M; Ennis, J R; Muirhead, C R; O'Hagan, J A; Fell, T P; Kendall, G M; Doll, R
In: British Medical Journal, 296 (1988), 30 Jan 88, p. 332-8

...Altogether 22,347 men who participated in the United Kingdom's atmospheric nuclear weapon tests and experimental programmes in Australia and the Pacific Ocean between 1952-67 were identified from the ...

The abuse of dextromethorphan-based cough syrup: a pilot study of the community of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
von Darboe, M N; Keenan, G R; Richards, T K
In: Adolescence, 31 (1996), 123, p. 633-44 : table refs
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...Presents the results of the first phase of a comprehensive investigation of the abuse of dextromethorphan as found in certain cough syrups. Data from a survey of elementary, middle and high school per...

The depth of the soul: James Hillman's vision of psychology
von Drob, S L
In: Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 39 (1999), 3, p. 56-72

...Explores and comments on James Hillman's vision of psychology. His deconstruction of psychological theory and his critique of humanistic psychology are considered against the background of several of ...

The effects of defendant and juror attractiveness on simulated courtroom trial decisions
von Darby, B W; Jeffers, D
In: Social Behavior and Personality, 16 (1988), 1988, p. 39-50

...More as opposed to less attractive defendents were convicted less, punished less severely, rated as less responsible for the charges being brought, happy, likeable, and trustworthy. Attractive subject...

Taking a pasting
von Darby, K; Johnson, S
In: Community Care (1994), 1002, p. 22-3

...Fear of returning to work after suffering a violent attack from a client turns social services staff into victims. Examines how managers can support their employees. (Original abstract)...

Two conceptions of rights possession
von Darby, D
In: Social Theory and Practice, 27 (2001), 3, p. 387-417
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...Distinguishes 2 conceptions of what it takes for a subject to possess moral rights and defends one of them. Individualism about moral rights possession, which is the prevailing conception, holds that ...

The condom barrier
von Dirubbo, N E
In: American Journal of Nursing, 87 (1987), Oct 87, p. 1306-9

...Fear of AIDS has prompted questions about the effectiveness of condoms (and rubber gloves too). Looks at the facts. (Abstract amended)...

Brave new visions of our urban world
von Drabble, M
In: New Statesman and Society, 4 (1991), 18 Oct 91, 18-20 : il.

...Argues that it is time to give neglected cities a dose of the Big Idea. (Abstract amended)...

Killing time
von Drabble, M
In: Observer (1989), 22 Jan 89, 21+ : il.

...As the Kampuchean peace process gathers pace, visits the men, women and children still languishing in zoo-like existence in camps on the Thai-Kampuchean border--10 years after the genocide of Pol Pot ...

The new enemies of the people
von Drabble, M
In: Guardian (1988), 21 Dec 88, 17 : il.

...Criticises the authoritarianism of Thatcher's governments and the values that they have tried to impose on the nation. (CP)...

The social fund--discretion or control?
von Drabble, R; Lynes, T
In: Public Law (1989), Summer 89, p. 297-322

...Traces the history of single payments over the past decade to highlight the reasons for social fund payments involving a significant element of discretion. Decision making covers 4 stages guided by th...

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