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Evaluating depression severity and remission with a modified Beck Depression Inventory
von Dori, G A; Overholser, J C
In: Personality and Individual Differences, 28 (2000), 6, p. 1045-61

...In an attempt to improve assessment of recovery from depression, a modified Beck Depression Inventory (mBDI) was created. In both normal and clinical samples, the mBDI showed evidence of reliability f...

Evaluating students' micro practice field performance: do universal learning objectives exist?
von Dore, M M; Epstein, B N; Herrerias, C
In: Journal of Social Work Education, 28 (1992), 3, p. 353-62 table
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...A review of efforts over the past 50 years to conceptualize field learning and an analysis of current data on student performance criteria identified eight learning objectives for field study. These o...

Evaluating the program effects of a radio drama about AIDS in Zambia
von Yoder, P S; Hornik, R; Chirwa, B C
In: Studies in Family Planning, 27 (1996), 4, p. 188-203 : table refs
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...Describes an approach to the analysis of data that is designed to isolate programme effects for evaluations and applies it to a programme in Zambia designed to disseminate AIDS information. Evidence i...

Visual and auditory inspection time: their interrelationship and correlations with IQ in high ability subjects
von Deary, I J; Egan, V; Caryl, P G; Wight, D
In: Personality and Individual Differences, 10 (1989), 1989, p. 525-33

...Results from three visual inspection time (IT) tests and a new auditory IT test were correlated with psychometric measures of intelligence. Corrected correlations indicated that the true IQ-IT correla...

Which abilities does the PASAT test?
von Deary, I J; Hepburn, D A; Langan, S J; Frier, B M
In: Personality and Individual Differences, 12 (1991), 1991, p. 983-7

...The relationships between PASAT test scores and intelligence, memory and information processing abilities were examined in healthy young adult patients with Type 1 diabetes. PASAT scores correlated si...

When pranks become harassment: the case of African American women firefighters
von Yoder, J D; Aniakudo, P
In: Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, 35 (1996), 5/6, p. 253-70 : table refs
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...Argues that part of what defines gender harassment is the workplace climate in which it occurs. Describes the incidence and nature of gender harassment for African American women firefighters, identif...

Who's been using my CD-Rom? Results of a study on the value of CD-Rom searching to users in a teaching hospital library
von Dyer, H; Buckle, P
In: Health Libraries Review, 12 (1995), 1, p. 39-52

...CD-Rom systems are heavily used in medical libraries, but literature on the topic reports that searching is of poor quality. There is increasing concern over doctors' legal liability for their patient...

What difference does gender make? Rethinking peasant studies
von Deere, C D
In: Feminist Economics, 1 (1995), 1, p. 53-72s
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...Argues that gender analysis has challenged and enriched many of the standard assumptions and concepts utilized in the analysis of Third World peasantries. Drawing on the literature regarding Latin Ame...

What happened to the family in the harm reduction debate?
von Dear, G E
In: Drug and Alcohol Review, 15 (1996), 3, p. 221-3s

...Service providers and researchers with a family focus need to become more concerned with health promotion and less fixated on treatment. Strategies which specifically target the harm experienced by fa...

What is the question you need to answer? How consultation can prevent professional systems immobilising families
von Dare, J; Goldberg, D; Walinets, R
In: Journal of Family Therapy, 12 (1990), Nov 90, p. 355-69

...Examines one way in which a consultant assists a consultee through the process of clarification, by promoting effective decision-making within the referring agency rather than applying expertise purel...

Would censorship of violence in films result in a less violent society?
von Dry, C
In: Openmind (1994), 69, 20-1 : il.

...Suggests that the crucial issue is the message underlying the portrayal of violence in the media, whether it is designed to provoke excitement or revulsion, whether it is placed within a moral context...

Working toward an inclusive psychology of women
von Yoder, J D; Kahn, A S
In: American Psychologist, 48 (1993), 7, p. 846-50
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...Examines the androcentric bias of mainstream psychology, its consequences and the feminist response to it. Explores the potential pitfalls of developing an equally disasterous bias by inadvertently ad...

Exploring the multifaceted structure of sense of deprivation
von Dar, Y; Resh, N
In: European Journal of Social Psychology, 31 (2001), 1, p. 63-81
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...Proposes a conceptual framework for expressions of sense of deprivation (equated with sense of injustice) as a 3-faceted structure defined by mode of experience, social reward, and social sphere of al...

Abuse of dextromethorphan-based cough syrup as a substitute for licit and illicit drugs: a theoretical framework
von Darboe, M N
In: Adolescence, 31 (1996), 121, p. 239-45s
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...Forms of abuse, particularly by young persons, include the search for substitutes for better-known substances. It is unclear, however, what factors determine the choice of drug or substance for experi...

Childbearing among young Latino women in the United States
von Darabi, K F; Ortiz, V
In: American Journal of Public Health, 77 (1987), Jan 87, p. 25-8
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...Compares rates of early childbearing among White, Black, Mexican-origin and Puerto Rican women up to age 21. Finds racial /ethnic differences in premarital first birth rates do not change greatly whe...

Children's reactions to transgressions: effects of the actor's apology, reputation and remorse
von Darby, B W; Schlenker, B R
In: British Journal of Social Psychology, 28 (1989), Dec 89, p. 353-64
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...As expected, actors who had a good reputation or were remorseful were seen as more likable, as having better motives, as doing the damage unintentionally, as more sorry and as less blameworthy. Actors...

Containing the wanderer
von Darby, S
In: Nursing Times, 86 (1990), 11 Apr 90, p. 42-3

...Patients who wander are one of the greatest challenges for nurses who work with the elderly mentally ill. Decided to find out when they leave the ward, how often and how this can be reduced. (Original...

Factors that influence nurses' customer orientation
von Darby, D N; Daniel, K
In: Journal of Nursing Management, 7 (1999), 5, p. 271-80

...Aims to further understand factors that influence the way nursing staff relate to their patients. A model is presented of the contextual and self-perceptual factors that influence the level of custome...

Fallout, radiation doses near Dounreay, and childhood leukaemia
von Darby, S C; Doll, R
In: British Medical Journal, 294 (1987), 7 Mar 87, p. 603-7

...Examines possible explanations for the recently reported increased incidence of childhood leukaemia around Dounreay, in the light of changes in the national incidence of leukaemia that occurred during...

Further follow up of mortality and incidence of cancer in men from the United Kingdom who participated in the United Kingdom's atmospheric nuclear weapon tests and experimental programmes
von Darby, S C; Kendall, G M; Fell, T P; Doll, R
In: British Medical Journal, 307 (1993), 6918, p. 1530-5 table

...A study of 21358 servicemen and civilians from the UK who participated in the tests and a control group of 22333 non-participants showed that participation in nuclear weapon tests had no detectable ef...

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