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The responses of African American women firefighters to gender harassment at work
von Yoder, J D; Aniakudo, P
In: Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, 32 (1995), 3/4, p. 125-37s
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...All the firefighters studied used externally focused, direct response strategies. Nineteen women directly confronted the harasser; of these, ten responded aggressively, including four women who counte...

The retail method of social work: the role of the New York School in the development of clinical practice
von Dore, M M
In: Social Service Review, 73 (1999), 2, p. 168-90

...Over the past century clinical social work has developed a philosophy and method of practice that sets it apart from other forms of professional helping. Traces the essential and enduring contribution...

The use of mathematics in social explanation
von Dore, M H I
In: Science and Society, 52 (1989), Winter 88-89, p. 456-69

...Continues the discussion begun by Adler in this journal (Summer, 1987). Asserts that orthodox economics relies on indefensible forms of quantification. Analyses the Goodwin cycle model. (RSM)...

The significance of statistical significance
von Dyer, I
In: Intensive and Critical Care Nursing, 13 (1997), 5, p. 259-65

...Argues that, to encourage the spread of potentially valuable ideas, nurses must be willing to share their clinical experience, however informally. If we accept only information that has demonstrated s...

The significance of statistical significance
von Dyer, I
In: Accident and Emergency Nursing, 6 (1998), 2, p. 92-8

...Seeks to convince practitioners and journal editors that statistical significance is not the only way to judge clinical importance and suggests that decisions on what should be submitted and accepted ...

The self conceived in memory
von Eder, R A
In: Early Child Development and Care, 40 (1988), Nov 88, p. 25-51

...Argues that (1) if the self exists in memory, then age-related changes observed in memory should also be found for the self; (2) individual differences should be observed due to the encoding of unique...

The service hub concept in human services planning
von Dear, M; Wolch, J; Wilton, R
In: Progress in Planning, 42 (1994), 3, p. 179-271 table
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...Examines how the concept of a `service hub' could assist in the delivery of human services. The concept emphasizes and builds upon the networks that exist between human service clients and the facilit...

The stability of individual differences in mental ability from childhood to old age: follow-up of the 1932 Scottish Mental Survey
von Deary, I J; Whalley, L J; Lemmon, H; Crawford, J R; Starr, J M
In: Intelligence, 28 (2000), 1, p. 49-55
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...All Scottish children born in 1921 and attending school on June 1, 1932 undertook a validated test of psychometric intelligence, the Moray House Test. Followed up 101 of these people at age 77 and re-...

The structure of gossip: opportunities and constraints on collective expression among adolescents
von Eder, D; Enke, J L
In: American Sociological Review, 56 (1991), Aug 91, p. 494-508
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...Found that gossip among adolescents has a flexible structure, but also constrains participants toward the expression of negative evaluations. Responses to initial evaluations played a crucial role in ...

The strength of g at different levels of ability: have Detterman and Daniel rediscovered Spearman's 'law of diminishing returns'?
von Deary, I J; Pagliari, C
In: Intelligence, 15 (1991), Apr-Jun 91, p. 247-55

...A commentary is offered as an historical complement to the article by Detterman and Daniel (1989), rather than as a critique. Includes a reply by Detterman. (JLN)...

The other Dallas
von Deer, B
In: New Society, 81 (1987), 17 Jul 87, 16-17 : il.

...Dallas is a city famous for its oil, its millionaires and its spirit of self-sufficiency. Discusses its poor, black underclass which is less well known. (Abstract amended)...

The voice of reason
von Dyer, C
In: Health Service Journal, 20 (1997), p. 1, 3-4

...Judicial review enables people to challenge public bodies' decisions, and NHS managers are increasingly on the receiving end. Decisions of central and local government, health and education authoritie...

The workplace survey and management structures
von Deery, S; Gahan, P
In: Journal of Industrial Relations, 33 (1991), Dec 91, p. 502-18

...The Australian Workplace Industrial Relations Survey devotes a substantial proportion of its inquiry to the issue of management and in particular, management structures. Considers how the survey will ...

Temporal flexibility: management strategies and employee preferences in the retail industry
von Deery, S J; Mahony, A
In: Journal of Industrial Relations, 36 (1994), 3, p. 332-52 table

...Examines the issue of temporal flexibility by looking at the employment policies of a large retailing firm as well as the attitudes of its employees to the introduction of flexible working hours. Cont...

'Etienne' or the intense desire for rebirth
von Durey, B
In: Changes, 10 (1992), Mar 92, p. 2-11

...Describes work with a child who, up to the age of 5 years, lived in a state of autism. The child was fostered, and the work began by the psychotherapist advising the mother until the stage was reached...

Output per acre and size of holding: the logic of peasant agriculture under semi-feudalism
von Dyer, G
In: Journal of Peasant Studies, 24 (1997), 1/2, p. 103-31s

...Discusses the inverse relationship between farm size and productivity as a feature of agriculture in developing countries. Sees debate over this relationship as constituted by 2 distinct agendas; fact...

Treatment in the community in the absence of consent
von Dyer, J A T
In: Psychiatric Bulletin, 22 (1998), 2, p. 73-6

...Looks at experience of extended leave of absence in Scotland, England and Wales before 1986, at the recent evidence for an increased risk of violence and homicide in schizophrenia and the danger of a ...

'Outsider within' the firehouse: African American and White women firefighters
von Yoder, J D; Berendsen, L L
In: Psychology of Women Quarterly, 25 (2001), 1, p. 27-36
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...Prior findings regarding the subordination of African American women firefighters through imposed exclusion, expanding definitions of tokenism and workgroup composition, and the omnirelevance of race/...

Toward a feminist understanding of women and power
von Yoder, J D; Kahn, A S
In: Psychology of Women Quarterly, 16 (1992), 4, p. 381-8
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...Definitions of power should center around the distinction between `power-over', the domination and control of one person or group over another, and `power-to' or personal empowerment. Power can be ana...

Avoiding type II error in assessing lead toxicity plaintiffs
von Dyer, R J
In: Behavioral Sciences and the Law, 16 (1998), 1, p. 131-45

...Discusses statistical parallels between excessive conservatism and insufficient conservatism in rendering forensic opinions. The elements of a tort are reviewed and their relation to psychological and...

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