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The Holyoake Codependency Index: further evidence of factorial validity
von Dear, G E
In: Drug and Alcohol Review, 21 (2002), 1, p. 47-52

...The Holyoake Codependency Index (HCI) is a 13-item self-report scale that measures codependent traits. In this study the factor structure was replicated using a mixed-sex sample of 107 undergraduate u...

The lost generation lives again
von Eder, D L
In: Women's Studies, 18 (1990), Sep 90, p. 129-34

...Discusses 2 books about women's experiences in World War 1: Not so quiet by Helen Z. Smith (1930); and We that were young by Irene Rathbone (1932). (JLN)...

The listening heart and the chi square: clinical and empirical perceptions in the family therapy of anorexia nervosa
von Dare, C; Eisler, I; Colahan, M; Crowther, C
In: Journal of Family Therapy, 17 (1995), 1, p. 31-57
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...Explores the way clinical beliefs contribute to understanding and contrasts them with that which is the style of empirical studies. Anorexia nervosa is a good example for this because a number of very...

The law of industrial conflict
von O'Dair, R
In: Industrial Law Journal, 15 (1986), Dec 86, p. 271-4

...A trade union may allow, or be forced to allow, considerable autonomy to its branches and shop stewards, but the question of how far the law of trade union liabilities would recognise this has lain la...

The law on doctors speaking out
von Dyer, C
In: British Medical Journal, 296 (1988), 30 Jan 88, p. 348-9

...Discusses doctors' rights as concerns making their views public. These are set out in paragraph 330 of the terms and conditions of service for doctors in community medicine and community health, and f...

The emergent personologist: the structure and content of 31/2-, 51 /2-, and 71/2-year-olds' concepts of themselves and other persons
von Eder, R A
In: Child Development, 60 (1989), Oct 89, p. 1218-28

...This study was based on the premise that personological conceptions are based in memory; hence age-related changes observed in memory should also be found for children's concepts of persons. Of partic...

The influence of the E4 allele of the apolipoprotein E gene on childhood IQ, nonverbal reasoning in old age, and lifetime cognitive change
von Deary, I J; Whalley, L J; St Clair, D; Breen, G; Leaper, S; Lemmon, H; Hayward, C; Starr, J M
In: Intelligence, 31 (2003), 1, p. 85-92

...Examined the influence of APOE E4 allele status on 3 cognitive outcomes in the same sample of 173 people: (i) IQ (Moray House Test) at age 11 years, (ii) IQ (Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices) at ...

The naloxone eye-drop test for opioid dependence
von Dore, G M; Niven, B E; Hargreaves, G; Caradoc-Davies, G
In: Drug and Alcohol Review, 18 (1999), 2, p. 207-11

...Tested the use of topiccal ophthalmic naloxone to detect physiological opioid dependence in 2 double-blind, placebo-controlled trials a week apart. The subject group consisted of opioid-dependent pati...

The interaction between housing markets, the development process and planning policy in the Belfast urban area
von Adair, A S; Berry, J N; McGreal, W S
In: Regional Studies, 30 (1996), 3, p. 300-4s

...Examines the impact of public policy and administration on the housing market and suggests that there is scope for a redirection of funds toward a programme of social and economic recovery through inn...

The nature of gender
von Udry, J R
In: Demography, 31 (1994), 4, p. 561-73 table
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...The model integrates a macro sociological theory with a biological theory derived from primate behavior. The sociological model is designed to explain changes in the relationship between sex and behav...

The politics of sex research
von Udry, J R
In: Journal of Sex Research, 30 (1993), 2, p. 103-10

...The politics of sex is the foundation for the policies of abortion, contraception, and the current politics of family values. Opposing groups have been organized to affect government action on behalf ...

The penalties of issuing misleading advertisements
von Dyer, C
In: British Medical Journal, 294 (1987), 14 Feb 87, p. 426-7

...Discusses the case against Roussel Laboratories on a charge of issuing a misleading advertisement for the drug Surgan. The prosecution, brought by the Department of Health and Social Security under th...

The practice-teaching parallel in educating the micropractitioner
von Dore, M M
In: Journal of Social Work Education, 29 (1993), 2, p. 181-90
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...Examines the parallels in creating a context for change between the worker-client interaction and the teacher-student exchange. Concludes that theories, skills, and the techniques for working with cli...

The premature ageing syndromes: insights into the ageing process
von Dyer, C A E; Sinclair, A J
In: Age and Ageing, 27 (1998), 1, p. 73-80

...Reviews research into the premature ageing process, both for what it reveals about premature ageing itself and for the relevance of the findings to understanding of the ageing process in normally agei...

The pre-term infant
von Dear, P R F
In: Clinical Risk, 5 (1999), 1, p. 7-13

...Explains some of aspects of neonatal medicine, outlines some of the essentials of a satisfactory standard of care and seeks to explore some of the causal links between standards of care and adverse ou...

The possible role of hallucinations in conversion
von Adair, M J
In: Journal of Clinical Psychoanalysis, 9 (2000), 2, p. 201-53

...Presents a novel and valuable perspective on the connection between hallucination and conversion as part of a look at the mind-body connection in psychoanalysis. Asks the reader to believe not only th...

The reception of the just war tradition by the magisterial reformers
von Yoder, J H
In: History of European Ideas, 9 (1988), 1988, p. 1-23

...Examines how the 'just war doctrine' of Protestant Christians has changed in its meaning throughout history. This becomes clear when the changes are measured by the standard of the original intent of ...

The right to look
von Dyer, R
In: New Statesman and Society, 2 (1989), 9 Jun 89, 31-4 : il.

...Discusses the social and cultural pecularities of male nudity and masculinity. (RSM)...

The registration of social workers: a need for direction
von Dry, A
In: Education Social Worker (1988), Mar 88, p. 17-18

...Sees the call for registration as arising from the issues of accountability and status. Discusses the response of NALGO, BASW and other involved professional bodies, and calls for reactions from membe...

The relationships between codependency and femininity and masculinity
von Dear, G E; Roberts, C M
In: Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, 46 (2002), 5/6, p. 159-65

...Examined the association of codependent thinking with gender-role identification (femininity and masculinity), using a psychometrically sound measure of codependency and a more parsimonious method of ...

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