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Surgical wound infection as a performance indicator: agreement of common definitions of wound infection in 4773 patients
von Bruce, J; Gibbons, C; Hodgson, B; Krukowski, Z H; Liu, M; Pearson, A; Plummer, D; Reeves, B C; Wilson, A P R; Wilson, J
In: British Medical Journal, 329 (2004), 7468, p. 720-723

...Objective: To assess the level of agreement between common definitions of wound infection that might be used as performance indicators. Design: Prospective observational study. Setting: London teachin...

Attributional style, efficacy, and the enhancement of well-being among housebound older people
von Houston, D M; McKee, K J; Wilson, J
In: Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 22 (2000), 4, p. 309-17

...Examines the effects of an intervention that involves the compilation of a book of wartime experiences on a group of housebound older people who live in the community with the support of social servic...

Preferences, constraints, and choices in religious markets: an examination of religious switching and apostasy
von Sherkat, D E; Wilson, J
In: Social Forces, 73 (1995), 3, p. 993-1026
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...Examines the development of religious preferences that inform choices about religious mobility. Since cultural consumption is both individual and social in nature, moves beyond the rather narrow focus...

The sexual division of farm household labor: a replication and extension
von Simpson, I H; Wilson, J; Young, K
In: Rural Sociology, 53 (1988), Summer 88, p. 145-65
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...Gender-specific models of work are developed and located within two different crops, tobacco and peanuts-soybeans, that represent two different production systems. Farm, family and individual characte...

Processes of disaffiliation: religious mobility among men and women
von Sandomirsky, S; Wilson, J
In: Social Forces, 68 (1990), Jun 90, p. 1211-29
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...Focuses on membership in religious denominations, using a panel study to trace different paths from a point of origin in high school denomination. A theory of religious affiliation based on family for...

A randomised controlled trial comparing two schedules of antenatal visits: the antenatal care project
von Sikorski, J; Wilson, J; Clement, S; Das, S
In: British Medical Journal, 312 (1996), 7030, p. 546-53

...Finds that patterns of antenatal care involving fewer routine visits for women at low risk may lead to reduced psychosocial effectiveness and dissatisfaction with frequency of visits. The number of an...

A survey of health professionals' views on possible changes in the provision and organisation of antenatal care
von Sikorski, J; Clement, S; Wilson, J; Das, S
In: Midwifery, 11 (1995), 2, p. 61-8

...A questionnaire was sent to 251 midwives, 50 obstetricians, and 438 GPs, asking whether they would like to see, were undecided, or would not like to see, 12 possible changes in the provision of antena...

Regular smokers, lifetime very light smokers, and reduced smokers: comparison of psychosocial and smoking characteristics in women
von Hajek, P; West, R; Wilson, J
In: Health Psychology, 14 (1995), 3, p. 195-201 : table refs

...The very light smokers (VLS) (less than 6 cigarettes a day) showed evidence of inhaling the cigarette smoke. They were not novice smokers, nor under pressure to limit their smoking. Among the 61 VLS, ...

Menstrual management and intellectual disability: new perspectives
von Griffin, J; Carlson, G; Taylor, M; Wilson, J
In: Occupational Therapy International, 1 (1994), 3, p. 141-57 table

...Describes a menstrual management project based at the University of Queensland which was developed to assist women with high support needs due to relatively severe intellectual disability. The project...

An introduction to menstrual management for women who have an intellectual disability and high support needs
von Griffin, J; Carlson, G; Taylor, M; Wilson, J
In: International Journal of Disability, Development and Education, 41 (1994), 2, p. 103-16

...Describes a project whose mandate was to develop materials, processes and resources. Interventions are described via a case study. The impact of care providers' attitudes is considered. Partial partic...

Neurotic symptomatology and length of stay in a therapeutic community
von Dolan, B M; Evans, C; Wilson, J
In: Therapeutic Communities, 13 (1992), 3, p. 171-7

...Reports data on a preliminary study of predictors of length of stay and associations between this and improvement in neurotic symptomatology in a therapeutic community specialising in the treatment of...

Selection of admissions to a therapeutic community using a group setting: association with degree and type of psychological distress
von Dolan, B; Morton, A; Wilson, J
In: International Journal of Social Psychiatry, 36 (1990), Winter 90, p. 265-71
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...A measure of symptomatic psychological distress was completed by 156 selection candidates. Analysis of symptom sub-scale scores revealed that those not selected scored significantly higher on measures...

Therapeutic community treatment for personality disordered adults: changes in neurotic symptomatology on follow-up
von Dolan, B M; Evans, C; Wilson, J
In: International Journal of Social Psychiatry, 38 (1992), 4, p. 243-50 table
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...Personality disordered patients place high continuing demands on services and are often refractory to traditional treatments. Often personality disorders may co-exist with neurotic symptomatology, wor...

Resourcing mental health services in Australia and New Zealand
von Whiteford, H; Wilson, J
In: Australasian Psychiatry, 4 (1996), 2, p. 71-3s

...Discusses changes in the funding of health services in Australia and New Zealand and identifies difficulties in the ways both private and public systems are currently financed. Considers difficulties ...

A model for family care
von Wilding, C; Wells, M; Wilson, J
In: Nursing Times, 84 (1988), 13 Apr 88, p. 38-41

...Describes the implementation of a nursing model in a neonatal unit, based on an already established family centred philosophy of care. (Abstract amended)...

ABC of 1 to 7 (revised): services for children: the community
von Wilson, J; Valman, H B
In: British Medical Journal, 294 (1987), 11 Apr 87, 951-4 : il.

...Discusses ways in which primary care services for children are provided by the community. Historically it was district health authorities which provided preventive aspects of child health, but increas...

Brief family therapy with a rebellious adolescent
von Wilson, J
In: Maladjustment and Therapeutic Education, 6 (1988), Spring 88, p. 29-34

...Gives an account of a brief piece of work completed with a family at the Family Institute, Cardiff. Some basic assumptions are outlined before dealing with the case study which illustrates aspects of ...

Abuse and misuse: the ultimate hidden population
von Wilson, J
In: Druglink, 13 (1998), 4, p. 10-11

...The Scottish Drug Training Project conducted a study using both survey and focus group methodology to explore the emergence of (and response to) childhood sexual abuse issues in addiction services. Th...

Church activism among farm couples: measuring the impact of the conjugal unit
von Wilson, J; Simpson, I H; Jackson, D K
In: Journal of Marriage and the Family, 49 (1987), Nov 87, p. 875-82
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...A sample of farm couples is used to examine the impact of the conjugal unit on church activism. Church activism is a norm for wives, which only the inactivity of their husbands can radically alter. Sh...

Acknowledging the expertise of patients and their organisations
von Wilson, J
In: British Medical Journal, 319 (1999), 7212, p. 771-4
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...People living with a long term illness develop expertise and wisdom about their condition and want to play a part in making decisions about their own health care. Partnerships should be encouraged bet...

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