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Do labour costs really matter?
von Williams, K; Williams, J; Haslam, C
In: Work, Employment and Society, 3 (1989), Sep 89, p. 281-305
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...Macro-and micro-economic implications are explored and the positive success of the Japanese in managing labour costs is contrasted with the negative achievements of British manufacturing. Argues that ...

Ford versus 'Fordism': the beginning of mass production?
von Williams, K; Haslam, C; Williams, J
In: Work, Employment and Society, 6 (1992), 4, p. 517-55 table
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...Questions the stereotypes of Fordism and mass production, demonstrating that there is a contradiction between the stereotypes and the reality of Henry Ford's manufacturing practice in production of th...

Voluntary counseling and HIV testing for pregnant women in the Kassena-Nankana district of northern Ghana: is couple counseling the way forward?
von Baiden, Frank; Baiden, R; Boelaert, M; Buve, A; Hodgson, A; Remes, P; Williams, J
In: AIDS Care, 17 (2005), 5, p. 648-657
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...This study reports the results of a cross-sectional questionnaire survey undertaken in the Kassena-Nankana district of Ghana to assess the perception and attitude of 270 antenatal clinic attendants to...

Development of a measure of the health-related quality of life of children in public care
von Barnes, P M; Eiser, C; Maddocks, A; Upton, P; Williams, J
In: Child: Care, Health and Development, 31 (2005), 4, p. 409-415

...Objectives. To validate PedsQL for children in public care and develop an "in-care" module. Design and setting. Questionnaire development and validation. Questionnaires were completed in placement. A ...

Alcohol and drug use of inter-city versus rural school age children
von Finke, L; Williams, J
In: Journal of Drug Education, 29 (1999), 3, p. 279-91
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...The purpose of this study of seventy-nine children was to determine: the prevalence and type of substance use in inter-city and rural eight to twelve-year-old children; and the relationships between c...

Assessing the effects of a health promotion programme for elderly people
von Ebrahim, S; Williams, J
In: Journal of Public Health Medicine, 14 (1992), Jun 92, p. 199-205

...Findings suggest that the effect of mild exercise on objective indicators and selfperceived health may depend on the context in which it is done, the type of exercise promoted, and that continued exer...

Parent-held shared care records: bridging the communication gaps
von Hooker, L; Williams, J
In: British Journal of Nursing, 5 (1996), 12, p. 738-41

...Specialist centres provide excellent treatment and expert care, but the best interests of children may not be served if they must always attend a hospital far from home. Systems of shared care have be...

Can morbidity associated with untreated asthma in primary school children be reduced?: a controlled intervention study
von Hill, R; Britton, J; Williams, J; Tattersfield, A
In: British Medical Journal, 303 (1991), 9 Nov 91, p. 1169-74

...The intervention resulted in a majority of children being assessed by their general practitioner and improved teachers' understanding and mangement of asthma, but it did not result in any appreciable ...

Which schizotypal dimensions abolish latent inhibition?
von Gray, N S; Fernandez, M; Williams, J; Ruddle, R A; Snowden, R J
In: British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 41 (2002), 3, p. 271-84

...Evaluates which dimensions of schizotypy are associated with a reduction in latent inhibition (LI), akin to that seen in schizophrenia. Compared high and low scorers on the four dimensions of the OLIF...

'Don't call me sweetie!': patients differ from nurses in their perceptions of caring
von Gardner, A; Goodsell, J; Duggan, T; Murtha, B; Peck, C; Williams, J
In: Collegian, 8 (2001), 3, p. 32-8

...Effective nursing care relies on congruent nurse-patient perception of needs. Used Q methodology to compare nurses' and patients' perceptions of important nursing care behaviour. Q methodology applies...

Purchasing for all: an alternative to fundholding
von Graffy, J P; Williams, J
In: British Medical Journal, 308 (1994), 6925, p. 391-4 table

...Input into commissioning based on Hackney General Practitioners' Forum with a contract between the health authority and St. Bartholomew's NHS Trust demonstrates that a general practitioners' forum can...

Prevalence of adolescent injury from recreational exercise: an Australian perspective
von Grimmer, K A; Jones, D; Williams, J
In: Journal of Adolescent Health, 27 (2000), 4, p. 266-72

...Reports the prevalence of recent adolescent recreational and sporting activities and associated injury. Findings support the need for ongoing education regarding injury prevention and management. (Ori...

Reliability of adolescents' self-report of recent recreational injury
von Grimmer, K; Williams, J; Pitt, M
In: Journal of Adolescent Health, 27 (2000), 4, p. 273-5
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...Assessed the reliability of adolescents' self-report of recent recreational injury. concludes that confidence can be placed in adolescents' self-reports of recreational injury in the preceding week. (...

Rural America: unique opportunities for health care delivery and health services research
von DeLeon, P H; Williams, J; Schultz, A J; Wakefield, M; VandenBos, G R
In: American Psychologist, 44 (1989), Oct 89, p. 1298-1306

...A general deterioration is occuring in the quality of rural life, and affects the quality of health and mental health service delivery. Medicare and private insurance discriminate against rural servic...

Evaluating the quality and impact of mediators for learning when using associative memory strategies
von Wood, E; Needham, D R; Williams, J; Roberts, R
In: Applied Cognitive Psychology, 8 (1994), 7, p. 679-92 : table refs

...Extends and clarifies research regarding strategic benefits of generating elaborations versus providing elaborations. Elaborative interrogation consistently outperformed the provided elaborations cond...

Medical treatment of women with lupus. The case for sharing knowledge and decision-making
von Whitehead, K; Williams, J
In: Disability and Society, 16 (2001), 1, p. 103-21
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...Despite the growing emphasis on doctors and patients sharing knowledge and decision-making power, most of the women in this study were struggling to have their symptoms and needs taken seriously, and ...

Global health promotion models: enlightenment or entrapment?
von Whitelaw, S; McKeown, K; Williams, J
In: Health Education Research, 12 (1997), 4, p. 479-90

...Suggests that there is a tendency for health promotion to be located within models that consider health to be a product of a range of forces, with practice itself assumed to comprise a similarly wide ...

Body of evidence
von Williams, J
In: Nursing Times, 91 (1995), 42, p. 14-15

...When treating crime-related injuries, the impulse to care, and the need to treat quickly, can sometimes lead to nurses destroying evidence crucial to police investigations. The author, assistant gener...

Community outbreak of psittacosis in a rural Australian town
von Williams, J; Tallis, G; Dalton, C; Ng, S; Beaton, S; Catton, M; Elliott, J; Carnie, J
In: Lancet, 6 (1998), p. 1697-9

...Describes a case-control study in which cases of pneumonia or severe flu-like illness were identified through family physicians and the regional hospital. Finds that psittacosis outbreaks are not limi...

'C'mon, la'! We'll get in'
von Williams, J
In: New Statesman and Society, 2 (1989), 21 Apr 89, 14-15 : il.

...Quotes extracts from the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds, (The Green Code) , HMSO, 1986, to see how Hillsborough measured up. (PAS)...

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