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Reviewing the value of clinical audit: is now the time for a change?
von Lester, H R; Alderslade, R; Thompson, A
In: International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance, 10 (1997), 2/3, p. 76-9s

...Proposes a method of linking the practice and outcome of audit with the Trust business people, setting out criteria methodology and background following a two-year research study. (Original abstract-a...

African American and European American college students' expectations for self and for future partners
von Ganong, L H; Coleman, M; Thompson, A; Goodwin-Watkins, C
In: Journal of Family Issues, 17 (1996), 6, table refs
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...Participants were 33 African American males, 57 African American females, 53 European American males, and 74 European American females. African Americans had higher self-expectations regarding future ...

Black men's perceptions of divorce-related stressors and strategies for coping with divorce: an exploratory study
von Lawson, E J; Thompson, A
In: Journal of Family Issues, 17 (1996), 2, p. 249-73 : table refs

...Using data from in-depth interviews, identifies factors that working class/middle class Black men perceive to cause significant stress following divorce, and strategies used to reestablish their lives...

Until the end of the world? Time and the futures of nationalism. [Review article]
von Thompson, A
In: Time and Society, 5 (1996), 1, p. 97-102s

...Reviews and discusses S. Lash and J. Urry, Economies of signs and space. (London; 1994); A.D. Smith Nations and nationalism in a global era. (London; 1995). (Original abstract-amended)...

Back door adoption?
von Thompson, A
In: Community Care, 16 (2000), 24-5 : il.

...Foster carers sometimes look after the same child for several years. Asks whether this is an easier route to adoption or whether local authorities should keep the two separate. Discusses the important...

Back to normal?
von Thompson, A
In: Community Care, 23 (1998), 16-17 : il.

...The new Northern Ireland Assembly will bring democratic accountability and control of social services back to the Province. Looks at the hopes and fears, the prospects and the pitfalls of this move. A...

Be generous
von Thompson, A
In: Community Care, 24 (1997), p. 22-3

...The political manifestos had few detailed proposals for the voluntary sector, so the charities have produced their own, setting out their expectations of whichever party triumphs in the general electi...

Black and white
von Thompson, A
In: Community Care, 23 (1996), p. 14-15

...A lesson from the case of Sifiso Mahlangu, the Zulu boy in an adoption row, is that race, culture and language must be taken into account alongside welfare. Looks at current policies on placing childr...

Black power
von Thompson, A
In: Community Care, 24 (1997), p. 18-19

...Argues that, if social services departments are serious about providing appropriate services to their black and ethnic minority communities, they must take on board the need for black staff at all lev...

Bound to secrecy
von Thompson, A
In: Community Care, 11 (1996), p. 16-17

...Argues that the need to provide a service for mentally ill people must be balanced with the need to protect the public, and to this end, information must be disseminated. Looks at recent cases which h...

Bridging the gap
von Thompson, A
In: Community Care, 15 (1996), p. 12-13

...Discusses a report from the Standing Conference on Drug Abuse, an independent umbrella organisation representing many providers of drug services, which finds one-third of drug misusers referred for he...

Britain's most wanted
von Thompson, A; Rickford, F
In: Community Care, 15 (2000), p. 22-5
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...Reports how the government has set its sights on recruiting 7,000 new foster carers. Suggests, however, that if nothing is done to tackle the high dropout rate of existing carers, its efforts may be i...

Abuse by any other name
von Thompson, A
In: Community Care (1995), 1091, p. 16-18

...Escalation of child prostitution has prompted several initiatives to end the tragedy of young people being forced to sell the only commodity they believe they possess-their bodies. Investigates the le...

Beating the bug
von Thompson, A
In: Community Care, 4 (1999), 18-20 : il.

...While the new millennium is heralded with the biggest celebration of the century, local authority staff will be working overtime to ensure that computer systems failure does not spoil the party. Argue...

Child psychiatrists' participation in child protection case conferences
von Thompson, A; Tayler, P; Searson, S
In: Child Abuse Review, 4 (1995), 1, p. 63-7s

...An 18-item questionnaire was devised to survey the 24 consultants and 7 senior registrars working in child and adolescent psychiatry in the Northern Region. The number of child protection case confere...

Children first
von Thompson, A
In: Community Care, 22 (1996), p. 14-15

...The position of gay men and lesbians wishing to adopt children has been improved by the decision of the Scottish Court of Session judges to allow a gay man to adopt a severely disabled boy. Considers ...

Children's certificate-a practitioner's perspective
von Thompson, A
In: Justice of the Peace and Local Government Law, 159 (1995), 31, p. 519-20

...Children's certificates were introduced as a grand deregulation measure under the Deregulation and Contracting Out Act 1994, but have had the opposite effect to that intended. It has introduced a new ...

Charity begins at home
von Thompson, A
In: Community Care (1995), 1079, p. 16-17

...Wandsworth Council's decision to hand over the running of its children's homes to a charity has left controversy in its wake, with many accusing the borough of blindly following political dogma. Looks...

Charitable trust
von Thompson, A
In: Community Care, 25-31 (1996), p. 16-17

...Scotland's charities do not operate under the same strict rules as those in England and Wales, and financial discrepancies are generally discovered and reported to the Scottish Charities Office by cha...

Calling time
von Thompson, A
In: Community Care, 13 (1996), p. 14-15

...Reports that the probation service will be even more overstretched if government proposals to reform sentencing get the go-ahead, increasing the numbers of prisoners. Resources are already stretched t...

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