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Self-report among injecting drug users: a review
von Darke, S; Jarlais, D C D; Bell, J; Finch, E; Strang, J
In: Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 50 (1998), 3, p. 253-69
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...Reviews the literature on the reliability and validity of self-reported drug use, criminality and HIV risk-taking among injecting drug users. The literature shows respectable reliability and validity ...

Methadone maintenance clients and the acceptability of supervised consumption of methadone
von Lovell, S; Sheridan, J; Harris, J; Best, D; Strang, J
In: Journal of Substance Use, 4 (1999), 2, p. 92-7

...Concerns in the UK about the amount of methadone available 'on the street' and the growing problem of overdose deaths amongst opiate addicts and others, have led to the suggestion that supervised cons...

Benzodiazepines in polydrug-using repertoires: the impact of the decreased availability to temazepam gel-filled capsules
von Fountain, J; Griffiths, P; Farrell, M; Gossop, M; Strang, J
In: Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy, 6 (1999), 1, p. 61-9
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...Reporting on a research project which used a qualitative methodology, examines the role benzodiazepines played in the polydrug-using repertoires of a sample of long-term, polydrug-using, opiate addict...

Diversion of prescribed drugs by drug users in treatment: analysis of the UK market and new data from London
von Fountain, J; Strang, J; Gossop, M; Farrell, M; Griffiths, P
In: Addiction, 95 (2000), 3, p. 393-406
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...Reviews the available knowledge about the diversion to the illicit market of drugs prescribed to drug users in treatment in the United Kingdom, and identifies aspects of the London market in more deta...

Diversion tactics: how a sample of drug misusers in treatment obtained surplus drugs to sell on the illicit market
von Fountain, J; Griffiths, P; Farrell, M; Gossop, M; Strang, J
In: International Journal of Drug Policy, 9 (1998), 3, p. 159-67

...Presents findings from a qualitative study conducted during 1995 and 1996 amongst buyers and sellers of diverted prescription drugs in London. Details the tactics sellers employed to obtain drugs surp...

Who uses services for homeless people? An investigation amongst people sleeping rough in London
von Fountain, J; Howes, S; Marsden, J; Strang, J
In: Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, 12 (2002), 1, p. 71-5
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...From a sample of 389 homeless people in London, the characteristics of those who used services for homeless people are presented and the implications for service planning and delivery explored. Staff ...

Caught in the middle: receptionists and their dealings with substance misusing patients
von Heuston, J; Groves, P; Al Nawad, J; Albery, I; Gossop, M; Strang, J
In: Journal of Substance Use, 6 (2001), 3, p. 151-7

...Questionnaires were given to 72 receptionists in general practices in southeast London, of which 57 (76%) responded. Almost half had experienced difficulties with substance misusing patients and thoug...

Cocaine and crack: the drug and the hype are both dangerous
von Strang, J; Edwards, G
In: British Medical Journal, 299 (1989), 5 Aug 89, p. 337-8

...In the light of the scientific evidence it would be wrong to portray the use of crack as innocent fun. And yet to give crack the image of a mythological monster and portray it sensationally as somethi...

Changing injecting practices: blunting the needle habit
von Strang, J
In: British Journal of Addiction, 83 (1988), Mar 88, p. 237-9

...Studies suggest that many drug users are able to modify their injecting habits even if not to stop injecting altogether. Argues that there is thus a strong case for working with the ambivalent drug ad...

Computerized tomography and neuropsychological assessment in long-term high-dose heroin addicts
von Strang, J; Gurling, H
In: British Journal of Addiction, 84 (1989), Sep 89, p. 1011-19

...An assessment of seven high-dose long-term heroin addicts was undertaken to look for the presence of neuropsychological and CT scan pathology. Definite abnormalities were found in both neuropsychologi...

Crack and cocaine use in South London drug addicts: 1987-1989
von Strang, J; Griffiths, P; Gossop, M
In: British Journal of Addiction, 85 (1990), Feb 90, p. 193-6

...Within the sub-group of cocaine users, there was a marked increase in the use of smokable forms of cocaine from 15% in 1987 to 75% in 1989. (Abstract amended)...

Different forms of heroin and their relationship to cook-up techniques: data on, and explanation of, use of lemon juice and other acids
von Strang, J; Keaney, F; Butterworth, G; Noble, A; Best, D
In: Substance Use and Misuse, 36 (2001), 5, p. 573-88

...Interviewed a treatment sample of London opiate addicts about their current and former use of different forms of heroin (white heroin, brown heroin, and pharmaceutical heroin) and the relationship bet...

AIDS and drug misuse in the UK - 10 years on: achievements, failings and new harm reduction opportunities
von Strang, J
In: Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy, 5 (1998), 3, p. 293-304
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...The year 1988 saw the publication of the influential first AIDS and drug misuse report from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD, 1988) in the UK. 10 years on, reviews the situation and d...

Habit-moderation in injecting drug addicts
von Strang, J; Heathcote, S; Watson, P
In: Health Trends, 19 (1987), Aug 87, p. 16-18

...A followup study after 2 to 3 years of drug addicts found 55 ongoing drug users. Considerable changes had occurred in their pattern of drug taking. Findings are discussed, including consideration of t...

Hair analysis for drugs: technological break-through or ethical quagmire?
von Strang, J; Black, J; Marsh, A; Smith, B
In: Addiction, 88 (1993), 2, p. 163-6

...Hair analysis is still in its infancy. It is difficult to envisage how hair analysis might become incorporated into routine clinical practice at present. It is not and should not be considered as bein...

Heroin in the United Kingdom: different forms, different origins, and the relationship to different routes of administration
von Strang, J; Griffiths, P; Gossop, M
In: Drug and Alcohol Review, 16 (1997), 4, p. 329-37

...Heroin exists in the United Kingdom in several different forms, which vary not only in their country of origin and purity, but also in their suitability for use by either injecting or by 'chasing the ...

Heroin prescribing in the 'British System' of the mid 1990s: data from the 1995 national survey of community pharmacies in England and Wales
von Strang, J; Sheridan, J
In: Drug and Alcohol Review, 16 (1997), 1, p. 7-16

...Presents data collected through the 1995 National Survey of Community Pharmacies in England and Wales, and a comparison of the heroin prescribing practice with that of methadone prescribing....

Heroin smoking by 'chasing the dragon': origins and history
von Strang, J; Griffiths, P; Gossop, M
In: Addiction, 92 (1997), 6, p. 673-83, 685-95 : map refs
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...The history of heroin smoking and the subsequent development and spread of 'chasing the dragon' are examined. 'Chasing the dragon' has now been reliably reported from many parts of the world but not f...

Lessons from an English opium eater: Thomas De Quincey reconsidered
von Strang, J
In: International Journal of the Addictions, 25 (1990), Dec 90, p. 1455-65

...Notes that so much of today's secure knowledge, new insights, and passionate debate are evident in the writings of Thomas De Quincey and contemporary commentators and critics. Reviews De Quincey's wri...

Improving the quality of the cannabis debate: defining the different domains
von Strang, J; Witton, J; Hall, W
In: British Medical Journal, 320 (2000), 7227, p. 108-10

...Cannabis use is increasing steadily in many countries and is most prevalent in young people. The value of the debate on cannabis is seriously diminished by heated contributions that obstruct rational ...

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