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Inside moves and outside views: an Australian case study of elite and public perceptions of political corruption
von Jackson, M; Smith, R
In: Governance, 9 (1996), 1, p. 23-42 : table refs
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...Defends social or attitudinal definitions of corruption against some recent criticisms. Examines the value of Arnold Heidenheimer's distinctions among `black', `grey', and `white' corruption. (Origina...

Declaring financial competing interests: survey of five general medical journals
von Hussain, A; Smith, R
In: British Medical Journal, 323 (2001), 7307, p. 263-4

...Although many authors of biomedical journal articles have financial competing interests, they often fail to disclose them. Editors have been concerned about this for a long time. In 1985, the Internat...

Survey of active verbs in the titles of clinical trial reports [and] Informative titles in the BMJ
von Goodman, N W; Smith, R
In: British Medical Journal, 320 (2000), 7239, p. 914-15

...The title of the report of a clinical trial can be indicative (such as 'Newbetalol in the treatment of tachycardias') or informative ('Newbetalol prevents tachycardias'). Rosner believes informative t...

The rights of patients in research
von Goodare, H; Smith, R
In: British Medical Journal, 310 (1995), 6990, p. 1277-8s

...Although the whole purpose of conducting trials is to benefit patients, too often patients are forgotten in the complex business of conducting research. Argues that patients should help to decide whic...

Validity and reliability of the DSM-III criteria for posttraumatic stress disorder: experience with a structured interview
von Davidson, J; Smith, R; Kudler, H
In: Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 177 (1989), Jun 89, p. 336-41

...Acceptable interrater and test-retest reliabilities were shown; diagnostic validity was demonstrated relative to a standard diagnostic interview procedure; construct validity was shown in relation to ...

Correlates and consequences of entering drug treatment: a study of the NIDA cooperative agreement national database
von Stark, M J; He, H; Booth, R; Smith, R
In: Drugs and Society, 9 (1996), 1/2, p. 199-212 : table refs
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...Examines the NIDA cohort of out-of-treatment IDUs and crack users to determine: (1) variables associated with entering drug treatment, (2) factors correlated with treatment retention, and (3) the exte...

What doctors and managers can learn from each other
von Smith, R
In: British Medical Journal, 326 (2003), 7390, p. 610-11

...Doctors and managers have different cultures, which opens up possibilities not only of fruitless fighting but also of rich learning. I've belonged to both cultures. In 1989 I went to the Stanford Busi...

Recognizing illicit drug use by pregnant women: reports from Oregon birth attendants
von Slutsker, L; Smith, R; Higginson, G; Fleming, D
In: American Journal of Public Health, 83 (1993), 1, p. 61-4 table

...During a 1-month period, birth attendants of all singleton births (n=3200) were surveyed regarding their knowledge of prenatal illicit drug use by women who gave birth. Illicit drug use was recognized...

BMJ journals free to the developing world
von Smith, R; Williamson, A
In: British Medical Journal, 324 (2002), 7334, 380 p.

...The BMJ Publishing Group has for almost a year provided free access to the electronic version of its 23 specialist journals to anybody in the 50 poorest countries in the world. (The BMJ and the studen...

Boom and bust
von Smith, R
In: New Law Journal, 143 (1993), 6627, 1725 p.

...Notes that a Bar working group's report in 1990 called for organizational change rather than structural change. Notes a misreading of basic problems and a fudging of the fundamental problem of over-su...

Born to be boss
von Smith, R
In: Health Service Journal, 103 (1993), 5347, p. 28-9

...Notes the influence of childhood and adolescent experiences, of one's own value system, and of different ways of learning. Training courses need to acknowledge all these things in their courses....

Britain's gift: a 'Medline' of synthesised evidence
von Smith, R; Chalmers, I
In: British Medical Journal, 323 (2001), 7327, p. 1437-8

...The British government has the chance to match Medline by funding universal free access to what might be described as 'a Medline of synthesised, reliable, and up to date evidence'. This could be even ...

Bereavement: counselling and hypnotherapy
von Smith, R; Shone, R
In: Therapist, 4 (1996), 1, p. 31-4

...Compares techniques for helping people going through bereavement. (Original abstract)...

Children's rights - how are we doing?
von Smith, R
In: Children and Society, 12 (1998), 5, p. 387-9
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...By January 1999, the UK Government will be expected to submit its second progress report to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child. Suggests that children's rights still remain poorly...

Challenging doctors: an interview with England's chief medical officer
von Smith, R
In: British Medical Journal, 308 (1994), 6938, 1221-4 il : 4 il.

...The editor of the British Medical Journal discusses some of the issues facing the national health service and doctors in providing health care....

Coherence, co-ordination and chaos
von Smith, R
In: New Law Journal, 142 (1992), 13 Mar 92, 340 p.

...Since the inception of the Legal Aid Board in 1988 there has been uncertainty as to the perceptions of its role in the Lord Chancellor's Department. Suggests that it is being considered as an administ...

Coke and the Secretary of State
von Smith, R
In: New Law Journal, 141 (1991), 7 Jun 91, 789 p.

...Deplores s.165D in paragraph 7 (2) of Sch 6 in the Social Security Act 1975, which effectively allows the Department of Social Security to lay aside the binding nature of decisions of the House of Lor...

Community planning for a garden village
von Smith, R
In: Town and Country Planning, 57 (1988), Dec 88, 344-5 : il.

...Explains how local people were involved in planning a new village on a redundant hospital in the green belt. (Original abstract)...

Comroe and Dripps revisited
von Smith, R
In: British Medical Journal, 295 (1987), 28 Nov 87, p. 1404-7
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...Discusses the work of Comroe and Dripps which examined medical research and whether innovations arose from basic or applied research. Although published over 10 years ago, it still seems to be the onl...

Contradictions in children's policy: partnering families-or policing them?
von Smith, R
In: Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law, 17 (1995), 3, p. 301-10s

...Highlights apparent contradictions between policies which appear to take a coercive approach to the conduct of family life and parental obligations, and those which are more sympathetic towards parent...

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