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A change of heart: union exclusion in the provincial newspaper sector
von Smith, P; Morton, G
In: Work, Employment and Society, 4 (1990), Mar 90, p. 105-24

...With the industry revolutionised by the replacement of 'hot metal' typesetting, a number of provincial companies have dismissed 'pre-press' workers and terminated collective agreements with both the N...

Change in British trade unions since 1945
von Smith, P
In: Work, Employment and Society, 9 (1995), 1, p. 137-64s

...Reviews and discusses an issue from the March 1994 issue of Work, employment and society, which offered an interpretation of change in British trade unions from 1945 to date. Includes a response by th...

On the intergovernmental fiscal game
von Levaggi, R; Smith, P
In: Public Finance, 49 (1994), 1, p. 72-86
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...Presents the relationship between 2 levels of government as a dynamic game. The upper tier sets levels of grants-in-aid, while the lower tier chooses its own expenditure and tax levels. Both players h...

All quiet on the front line
von Goddard, M; Mannion, R; Smith, P
In: Health Service Journal, 14 (1998), p. 24-6

...Describes a study which found that managers interviewed in hospital trusts, health authorities and regional offices believed performance indicators to be broadly helpful, although their role is distin...

Enhancing performance in health care: a theoretical perspective on agency and the role of information
von Goddard, M; Mannion, R; Smith, P
In: Health Economics, 9 (2000), 2, p. 95-107
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...Examines the role of information in securing control of health care systems. The discussion focuses on the impact of the proposed 'Performance Framework', which entails a significant increase in the i...

Equity of access to health care services: theory and evidence from the UK
von Goddard, M; Smith, P
In: Social Science and Medicine, 53 (2001), 9, p. 1149-62
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...Sets out a general theoretical framework within which equity of access to health care can be examined. Then applies the framework by examining the extent to which research evidence has been able to de...

Romance, irony, and solidarity
von Jacobs, R N; Smith, P
In: Sociological Theory, 15 (1997), 1, p. 60-80s
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...Proposes a model of social solidarity based on the 2 genres of romance and irony, and argues that these narrative forms offer useful vocabularies for organizing public discourse within and between civ...

Further examination of the Spirituality Scale
von Jagers, R J; Smith, P
In: Journal of Black Psychology, 22 (1996), 4, p. 429-42 : table refs
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...Provides additional data on a newly developed paper-and-pencil measure of spirituality from an Afrocultural perspective. Results indicated that the Spirituality Scale had good internal consistency in ...

An Afrocultural social ethos: component orientations and some social implications
von Jagers, R J; Smith, P; Mock, L O; Dill, E
In: Journal of Black Psychology, 23 (1997), 4, p. 328-43
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...Two studies explored an Afrocultural social ethos: its component orientations of spirituality, affect, and communalism; and their connections with psychosocial functioning among inner-city African Ame...

District nurses' perceptions of palliative care at home
von Hatcliffe, S; Smith, P; Daw, R
In: Nursing Times, 92 (1996), 41, p. 36-7

...Discusses the results of a postal survey of 148 district nurses which explored their experiences of terminal care and their views of the palliative care team, as well as their perceived educational ne...

Open all hours
von Hatcliffe, S; Smith, P
In: Health Service Journal, 26 (1997), p. 40-1

...Argues that people with a terminal illness and their relatives need 24-hour access to specialist telephone advice and home visits. Reports on a survey of out-of-hours community palliative care service...

Cultural structures, social action, and the discourses of American civil society: a reply to Battani, Hall, and Powers
von Alexander, J C; Smith, P
In: Theory and Society, 28 (1999), 3, p. 455-61
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...Replies to their paper 26/6 (1997): 781-812, which is a comment on Alexander and Smith's paper of 22/2 (1993): 151-207. Suggests that the comment represents a systematic effort at falsification. There...

A bug in the system
von Smith, P
In: Health Service Journal, 15 (2002), 12-13 : il.

...As Legionnaire's disease leaves its mark in Cumbria, the government's infectious disease policy is at the centre of controversial change. From next April, the Health Protection Agency will take the le...

Ballots and union government in the 1980s
von Smith, P; Fosh, P; Martin, R; Morris, H
In: British Journal of Industrial Relations, 31 (1993), 3, p. 365-82

...The programme of employment law reform implemented during the 1980s included the Trade Union Act 1984 and the Employment Act 1988. Analyses the impact of this legislation upon union government; conclu...

Banging heads together
von Smith, P
In: Health Service Journal, 17 (2001), 12-13 : il.

...Management of brain-injury patients is falling far short of what is needed. Reports on a push for change and looks at recommendations made by the Commons health select committee following its inquiry ...

Abroad consensus
von Smith, P
In: Health Service Journal, 27 (2001), 14-15 : il.

...Refugees and asylum seekers may be in poor health when they reach Britain, but for some, their health actually deteriorates after a period of NHS care. Discusses what can be done to improve the situat...

Breaking down the barriers between disciplines
von Smith, P; Grimshaw, R
In: Social Work Today, 21 (1989), 9 Nov 89, p. 20-1

...The Children Act will co-ordinate a multitude of disciplines in order to protect the welfare of children. Outlines the areas in which it will be necessary for education and social services to co-opera...

Codes and conflict: toward a theory of war as ritual
von Smith, P
In: Theory and Society, 20 (1991), Feb 91, p. 103-38
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...Develops and illustrates a theory of war as a cultural event that is adequate to the task of specifying just how culture operates in specific, concrete historical sequences. (JLN)...

Clinging to the wreckage
von Smith, P
In: Health Service Journal, 15 (2001), 14-15 : il.

...When the mental health service failed Gilbert Kopernik-Steckel, it cost both him and his mother their lives. In 1996, Gilbert's sister Christina witnessed him stabbing their mother to death and then c...

A comment on the limitations of the logical framework method, in reply to Gasper, and to Bell
von Smith, P
In: Public Administration and Development, 20 (2000), 5, p. 439-41

...Examines 3 inherent weaknesses of the logical framework (LF) approach. Suggests that it is based on binary logic, which biases its output towards designs which are too complex and wide in scope, becau...

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