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When work doesn't work: the failure of current welfare reform
von McCrate, E; Smith, J
In: Gender and Society, 12 (1998), 1, p. 61-80
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...Looks at mandatory workfare as one of the centrepieces of welfare reform. Reviews the pitched legislative battle over mandatory workfare in Vermont in 1992-4. Shows how women mobilized to oppose the m...

Global civil society? Transnational Social Movement Organizations and social capital
von Smith, J
In: American Behavioral Scientist, 42 (1998), 1, p. 93-107
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...Do TSMOs help cultivate the social capital relevant to a politically engaged global civil society? Argues they contribute to the formation of social capital that is relevant to the global political or...

The writing approaches of secondary students
von Lavelle, E; Smith, J; O'Ryan, L
In: British Journal of Educational Psychology, 72 (2002), 3, p. 399-418

...Describes the writing approaches of secondary students by factor analysing students' responses to items regarding writing beliefs and writing strategies, and compares the secondary approaches to those...

A face-saving formula
von Hudson, K; Long, C; Smith, J
In: Nursing Times, 86 (1990), 13 Jun 90, p. 66-8

...Psychiatric patients are sometimes accused of shamming illness and are urged to 'pull themselves together'. Reviews Jane's case whereby recognising her sickness role enabled her to get better without ...

Images of protest: dimensions of selection bias in media coverage of Washington demonstrations, 1982 and 1991
von McCarthy, J D; McPhail, C; Smith, J
In: American Sociological Review, 61 (1996), 3, p. 478-99
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...Compares police records of demonstrations with media coverage of the events in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and 3 national TV networks. Models the consequences of demonstration form, conte...

Calendar calculating in 'idiot savants': how do they do it?
von Howe, M J A; Smith, J
In: British Journal of Psychology, 79 (1988), Aug 88, p. 371-86

...A number of mentally handicapped individuals are able to solve difficult calendar date problems such as specifying the day of the week for a particular date, sometimes over spans of more than 100 year...

About the size of it
von Goodwin, N; Smith, J
In: Health Service Journal, 14 (2002), p. 22-5

...Primary care trust (PCT) commissioning is not advanced and there is little evidence of PCTs influencing hospital services. Any further NHS reorganisation would hamper the development of commissioning....

States of flux
von Devlin, M; Smith, J
In: Health Service Journal, 6 (1999), p. 24-5

...Suggests that primary care trusts are similar to US health maintenance organisations in that they act as both commissioners and providers of services. Notes that there are already innovative primary c...

Bullies, victims and bystanders: a method of in-school intervention and possible parental contributions
von Smith, J; Twemlow, S W; Hoover, D W
In: Child Psychiatry and Human Development, 30 (1999), 1, p. 29-37
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...Developed a method that dramatically reduced suspension rate and violence in elementary schools. Suggests that children who were not read to by their parents often become bullies and/or victims of bul...

Beyond the rhetoric: are General National Vocational Qualifications (GNVQs) doing students any good?
von Smith, J
In: Journal of Vocational Education and Training, 50 (1998), 4, p. 537-48

...Research carried out by Sheffield Hallam University looked at student perceptions of some aspects of GNVQs and highlights the findings. Finds that students do not perceive a marked difference between ...

Brief encounters and available places to land
von Smith, J
In: Psychodynamic Practice, 8(4) (2002), 4, p. 463-82

...Addresses the process of ending in brief therapy, highlighting the significance of the environment of interpersonal relationships and family systems, and the wider communities in which the client live...

Occupational settings facilitating wisdom-related knowledge: the sample case of clinical psychologists
von Smith, J; Staudinger, U M; Baltes, P B
In: Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 62 (1994), 5, p. 989-99 table
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...Raters judged clinical psychologists as higher in comparison to other professionals on 5 criteria of wisdom: factual knowledge, procedural knowledge, life-span contextualism, value relativism and mana...

Child adjustment in high conflict families
von Smith, J; Berthelsen, D; O'Connor, I
In: Child: Care, Health and Development, 23 (1997), 2, p. 113-33 : table refs
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...Fifty four mothers who had at least one child aged 3-6 yrs participated. They had left a violent relationship 12-24 months previously and were not in a new relationship. Information was collected thro...

Coherence and the sharing of meaning: supporting underachieving readers
von Smith, J; Elkins, J
In: International Journal of Disability, Development and Education, 39 (1992), 3, p. 239-49 table

...Readers may experience difficulty because they lack sociocultural experiences assumed by authors of texts. Paradigmatic and syntagmatic codes for signifying meaning are briefly reviewed. Underlying co...

Canadian Confederation and the influence of American federalism
von Smith, J
In: Canadian Journal of Political Science, 21 (1988), Sep 88, p. 443-63

...Uses James Madison's comprehensive test of federalism, as set out in the 3Ninth paper of The Federalist as a tool to examine the Canadians' views of American federalism. Suggests that their preoccupat...

Consultants of the future
von Smith, J
In: British Medical Journal, 310 (1995), 6985, p. 953-4s

...Discusses a recent conference on the future role of consultants, and how they should organise their work to meet a set of apparently conflicting demands on their time. Suggests that they can develop a...

Can therapeutic community principles survive within a traditional hospital setting?
von Smith, J
In: Residential Treatment for Children and Youth, 14 (1997), 4, p. 49-51s

...Comments on The Xenon (in Greece), Pinhey Ward (in the UK), and Department 6B (in Norway). Initially all 3 units were very successful, but eventually administrative conflicts set in with the wider ins...

Differential psychological ageing: profiles of the old and very old
von Smith, J; Baltes, P
In: Ageing and Society, 13 (1993), 4, p. 551-87 table

...Taking 3 psychological domains: intelligence and cognition, self and personality, and social relationships, investigates the extent of age/cohort-related differences and individual variation within ea...

Dare to believe
von Smith, J; Schumm, S
In: Social Work Today, 24 (1992), 1 Oct 92, 29 p.

...Describes how access to her social work file, and to her original caseworker, helped a client confront her experiences of childhood abuse. (Abstract amended)...

Fighting system failure
von Smith, J
In: Police Review, 100 (1992), 6 Mar 92, p. 436-7

...Argues that criminal justice must be made fairer by concentrating on a search for the truth. And the right to silence must be questioned. (Abstract amended)...

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