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Symbolic traditionalism and pragmatic egalitarianism: contemporary evangelicals, families, and gender
von Gallagher, S K; Smith, C
In: Gender and Society, 13 (1999), 2, p. 211-33
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...Drawing on Connell's notion of gender projects, assesses the degree to which contemporary evangelical ideals of men's headship challenge, as well as reinforce, a hegemonic masculinity. Based on 265 in...

Organizing engineering work
von Meiksins, P; Smith, C
In: Work and Occupations, 20 (1993), 2, p. 123-46

...Analyzes the organization of engineering work in six industrial capitalist countries. Identifies four major models for the organization of engineering work: the engineering profession did not succeed ...

Flexible specialisation, automation and mass production
von Smith, C
In: Work, Employment and Society, 3 (1989), Jun 89, p. 203-20

...Examines the parallels between French and American perspectives on automation as a break with mass production in the 1960s, and French and American debates on Neo-Fordism/Flexible Specialisation as a ...

How are engineers formed? Professionals, nations and class politics
von Smith, C
In: Work, Employment and Society, 4 (1990), Sep 90, p. 451-70

...Reviews books by Luc Boltanski, Stephen Crawford, Kees Gispen, Glover and Kelly, Rodney Millard, Judy Slinn and Peter Whalley. (SJK)...

System, society and dominance effects in cross-national organisational analysis
von Smith, C; Meiksins, P
In: Work, Employment and Society, 9 (1995), 2, p. 241-67s
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...Examines 3 sources of external influence on work organisation practices: the economic mode of production; national legacies and institutional patterns; and `best practice' or universal modernisation s...

The sequestration of experience: rights talk and moral thinking in 'late modernity'
von Smith, C
In: Sociology, 36 (2002), 1, p. 43-66
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...Giddens argues that modernity is characterized by the separation of time and space, by disembedding mechanisms and by institutional reflexivity. These characteristics combine with a dynamic pace and s...

Sexual abuse in a national survey of adult men and women: prevalence, characteristics, and risk factors
von Finkelhor, D; Lewis, I A; Hotaling, G; Smith, C
In: Child Abuse and Neglect, 14 (1990), 1990, p. 19-28
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...In the first national survey, victimization was reported by 27% of the women and 16% of the men. Notes characteristics of men and women amongst whom higher rates of abuse were found. (Abstract amended...

Should the on-call psychiatrists be residential?
von Lawrie, A; Serfaty, M; Smith, C
In: Psychiatric Bulletin, 20 (1996), 1, p. 12-14 : table refs

...To determine whether becoming non-residential resulted in duty doctors being unable to provide the same quality of care in dealing with psychiatric or medical emergencies, a prospective study was carr...

A note on the effects of age and gender on children's social behaviour
von Duveen, G; Lloyd, B; Smith, C
In: British Journal of Social Psychology, 27 (1988), Sep 88, p. 275-8

...Observations of 40 3-4-year-olds' social behaviour in dyadic play show that total social behaviour towards opposite gender partners increases across this age range, while remaining constant for same g...

Clinical services at a sexual concerns unit: a client outcome study
von Simmons, M; Slattery, G; Smith, C
In: Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, 4 (1995), 2, p. 125-36 : table refs

...Measures, through quantitative and qualitative methods, client perception of the therapy process, the outcome of therapy for the client, and client discernment of the unit's underlying philosophy of m...

Best practice: what it is and what it is not
von Smith, C; Sutton, F
In: International Journal of Nursing Practice, 5 (1999), 2, p. 100-5
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...Offers a poststructural critique of the concept of best practice and suggest that those practising best practice seek to reinforce modernist notions of health care and health-care delivery. Explores t...

Booze on the box: the portrayal of alcohol on British television: a content analysis
von Smith, C; Roberts, J L; Pendleton, L L
In: Health Education Research, 3 (1988), Sep 88, p. 267-72

...Four out of 5 programmes contained visual or verbal references to alcohol in every 6 minutes of programming. The programmes showed more alcohol being consumed than soft drinks or beverages, but there ...

Children's rights: have carers abandoned values?
von Smith, C
In: Children and Society, 11 (1997), 1, p. 3-15s
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...Traditionally, social workers have been concerned about the importance of values as significantly influencing professional practice. Argues that the emphasis on values has latterly been superseded by ...

Children's rights: judicial ambivalence and social resistance
von Smith, C
In: International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family, 11 (1997), 1, p. 103-39s
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...Courts are faced with a complex dilemma in attempting to balance rights and welfare which is, itself, a reflection of society's ambivalence about eroding the dependent status of children. Explores how...

Acupuncture to treat nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy: a randomized controlled trial
von Smith, C; Crowther, C; Beilby, J
In: Birth: Issues in Perinatal Care, 29 (2002), 1, p. 1-9

...The trial was undertaken at a maternity teaching hospital in Adelaide, Australia, where 593 women less than 14 week's pregnant with symptoms of nausea or vomiting were randomized into 4 groups: tradit...

Care of the older hypothermic patient using a self-care model
von Smith, C
In: Nursing Times, 92 (1996), 3, p. 29-31

...Focuses on the problem of hypothermia and provides an overview of its causes, signs and symptoms. Describes a case study of a patient who was admitted to an acute assessment of the elderly ward with h...

Current changes in smoking attitudes and behaviours among adolescents in Wales, 1986-1992
von Smith, C; Nutbeam, D; Moore, L; Roberts, C
In: Journal of Public Health Medicine, 16 (1994), 2, p. 165-71 table

...Shows that there has been some success in delaying early experimentation with smoking, as well as some improvement in the attitudes of smokers towards their habit. Against this, there has been little ...

Delinquency and family life among male adolescents: the role of ethnicity
von Smith, C; Krohn, M D
In: Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 24 (1995), 1, p. 69-93
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...Results indicate that family variables as a group are more important in constraining delinquency for Hispanic adolescents. In addition, the relative influence of particular family processes on delinqu...

Adolescent drug use in Wales
von Smith, C; Nutbeam, D
In: British Journal of Addiction, 87 (1992), Feb 92, p. 227-33
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...Presents findings from a self-completion questionnaire survey which included an assessment of the extent of use of eight different types of drugs by 15-16-year-olds. Also reports on the methodological...

Disabling autonomy: the role of government, the law, and the family
von Smith, C
In: Journal of Law and Society, 24 (1997), 3, p. 421-39s

...Suggests that people rendered disabled may face constraints on their autonomy which arise from, and are compounded by, a complex relationship between social policy and the law as this operates in the ...

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