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Britain's most wanted
von Thompson, A; Rickford, F
In: Community Care, 15 (2000), p. 22-5
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...Reports how the government has set its sights on recruiting 7,000 new foster carers. Suggests, however, that if nothing is done to tackle the high dropout rate of existing carers, its efforts may be i...

No place like home
von Hunter, M; Rickford, F
In: Community Care, 6 (1998), p. 16-18

...Following a series of damning official reports on the state of services for children in care, asks whether the moment has finally come when the government has no choice but to act. Reports on the back...

Baby boomers
von Rickford, F
In: Community Care (1994), 1033, 16-17 : il.

...At least one woman in four leaving care is either pregnant or already a mother. Considers some schemes which have been established with the intention of helping these young women find independence. (O...

Bad habit
von Rickford, F
In: Community Care, 8-14 (1996), p. 16-17

...Argues that while some drug users may be putting their children at risk, many are in fact competent parents. Asks whether too many child protection workers are making false assumptions about the paren...

Bad press
von Rickford, F
In: Community Care, 28 (1997), p. 16-17

...Mental health groups are targeting young people in a bid to end the negative stereotyping of mental illness and capitalise on indications of a shift in public attitudes. Recent surveys of young people...

Behind the bureau
von Rickford, F
In: Community Care, 15 (2001), 23 : il.

...Talks to Ann Sofer, new chairperson of the National Children's Bureau (NCB), about how she sees the future of the agency. She is taking up her position at a time of unparalleled political interest, an...

Bloomin' marvellous?
von Rickford, F
In: Community Care, 8 (2001), 18-20 : il.
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...The Health Act allows local health and social care bodies to find their own ways of integrating services, but it offers a level of autonomy that is threatened by a new bill promoting the creation of c...

Beyond the call of duty
von Rickford, F
In: Community Care (1995), 1081, p. 20-1

...Although the profile of young carers has risen over the last decade, argues that changes in society mean more young people are likely to become carers in the future. Points out policy changes that are...

Breach of trust
von Rickford, F
In: Community Care, 17 (2000), p. 18-19

...The number of clerics convicted of sexual assaults on children has forced many churches to develop child protection policies. Asks whether these are really intended to protect children, or to safeguar...

Board buyout
von Rickford, F
In: Community Care, 30 (2000), p. 18-19

...The Youth Justice Board now has a purchasing and commissioning role for secure facilities and has set exacting standards for all custodial services for young people. Outlines these standards and asks ...

Burden of care
von Rickford, F
In: Community Care (1994), 1026, 20-1 : il.

...Investigates why women carers of partners and relatives with AIDS are reluctant to use the services provided for them. (Original abstract-amended)...

Business letters
von Rickford, F
In: Health Service Journal, 105 (1995), 5438, 21,23 p.

...Looks at what MBA (Master of Business Administration) courses are on offer in Britain, finding a wide variety in content and approach, and noting that many now include specialist options, such as heal...

Battle lines
von Rickford, F
In: Community Care (1995), 1057, p. 22-3

...In the light of a refusal by Birmingham City Council to register a residential home for gay and lesbian young people, argues that there is a lack of appropriate care for this group and looks at some a...

Child with a view
von Rickford, F
In: Social Work Today, 24 (1992), 12 Nov 92, 13 p.

...Notes 2 cases in which children have used rights under the Children Act 1989 to 'divorce' their families, and reviews the issues this raises. (PAS)...

Charitable concerns
von Rickford, F
In: Community Care, 17 (2001), p. 18-19

...Campaigning for change is part of a charity's job, but there is a fine line between a campaign and an advertisement. Considers recent drives by Age Concern, which has been accused of having political ...

Charities in need?
von Rickford, F
In: Community Care, 13 (2001), 28-30 : il.

...Reports on whether recent difficulties facing children's charities, such as the Children's Society and NSPCC, are symptomatic of serious financial problems in the voluntary sector as a whole, and whet...

Conflicting interests
von Rickford, F
In: Community Care (1993), 979, p. 12-13

...The closure of NHS facilities means there is now a severe shortage of day care places. Reports that users, carers and professionals alike hold mixed feelings on the services which should be provided. ...

Can things only get better?
von Rickford, F
In: Community Care, 26 (2001), 18-19 : il.

...Most agree that intermediate care is a good thing and that it will greatly improve the lives of older people. What is exercising many, however, is how the services will be co-ordinated, delivered and ...

Country living
von Rickford, F
In: Community Care (1995), 1091, p. 14-15 : il. tables

...People from ethnic minorities are complaining of feeling out on a limb in rural areas of Britain. Asks why social services are ignoring these clients' needs, and only discovering unmet needs when indi...

Criminal or just wrong?
von Rickford, F; Berridge, D
In: Community Care, 15 (1998), 16-17 : il.

...The government has floated the idea of raising the age of consent for sexual relations between young people and adults in a position of authority over them. Discusses the impact this could have, and a...

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