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A quality assurance review of outpatient care of children with life-threatening asthma exacerbations
von Dakin, C J; Wales, S; Field, P; Henry, R L; Morton, J
In: Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, 36 (2000), 1, p. 23-6

...A hospital admission for asthma represents an opportunity to address and improve asthma control. The aims of this study were to compare the ambulatory care of children admitted to the intensive care u...

Science project
von Morton, J
In: Police Review, 6 (2003), 29-30 : il.

...Sets out the most important scientific and technological advances for policing in the last 110 years. These include fingerprint evidence, the science of ballistics, identification parades, true confes...

The Sexual Offences Bill. Opinion
von Morton, J
In: Journal of Criminal Law, 67 (2003), 3, p. 183-5

...Social change has resulted in women being given for the first time the opportunity to make a substantial contribution to the effort to drag the sex laws of England and Wales into the 21st century. Thi...

Buried treasure
von Scholes-Rhodes, G; Morton, J
In: Health Service Journal, 105 (1995), 5444, 31 p.

...Argues that delving into NHS archives can provide valuable lessons for today's health service. Finds that concepts such as total quality management are not really new at all, and looks at how yesterda...

Modelling the training effects of kinaesthetic acuity measurement in children
von Sims, K; Morton, J
In: Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines, 39 (1998), 5, p. 731-46

...Reports a study showing that use of a stepwise protocol, Pest, for a test of kinaesthetic acuity has the incidental effect of training children's kinaesthetic acuity. Previous studies have found that ...

Should cannabis be reclassified?
von Shoebridge, C; Morton, J
In: Police Review, 9 (2001), 26-7 : il.

...The Home Secretary is considering whether to reclassify cannabis as a Class C drug. A former detective argues that he should, while a solicitor gives opposing views. (Original abstract)...

Is it time to reform the criminal justice system?
von Shoebridge, C; Morton, J
In: Police Review, 22 (2002), 22-3 : il.

...Last week the Queen's Speech outlined the Government's plans to shake up the criminal justice system in favour of victims and witnesses. A former Met officer and a defence solicitor give opposing view...

An investigation of the 'state-dependency' of recall during hypnotic amnesia
von Smith, C H; Morton, J; Oakley, D
In: Contemporary Hypnosis, 15 (1998), 2, p. 94-100

...If hypnosis was to be considered a state, one would expect that entering or leaving it would lead to state-dependent effects on free recall. In apparent support of the contrary view, researchers found...

Characterizing user performance in command-driven dialogue
von Hammond, N V; Long, J B; Morton, J; Barnard, P J; Clark, I A
In: Behaviour and Information Technology, 6 (1987), Apr-Jun 87, p. 159-205

...Explores the nature of both design decisions and user learning with a command-based system. Conducted 3 studies, all involving a task in which secret messages were decoded by means of a sequence of co...

A model for learning: some notes from a practice teacher training programme
von Humphreys, L; Morton, J
In: Social Work Education, 10 (1991), 1991, p. 48-63

...Charts the development of a structure that is concerned to meet CCETSW guidelines and explores the role of the practice tutor and the group process. Reviews teaching methods, selection procedures, cou...

Bone mineral density in prepubertal asthmatics receiving corticosteroid treatment
von Harris, M; Hauser, S; Nguyen, T V; Kelly, P J; Rodda, C; Morton, J; Freezer, N; Strauss, B J G; Eisman, J A; Walker, J L
In: Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, 37 (2001), 1, p. 67-71

...Suggests that a reduced bone mass in prepubertal asthmatic children receiving high doses of inhaled corticosteroids may predetermine a compromised peak bone mass and increase osteoporotic fracture ris...

The timing, triggers and qualities of recovered memories in therapy
von Andrews, B; Brewin, C R; Ochera, J; Morton, J; Bekerian, D A; Davies, G M; Mollon, P
In: British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 39 (2000), 1, p. 11-26

...Examined therapists' accounts of clients recovering a traumatic memory. Finds great variability in the degree of amnesia reported and that the time in therapy before first recall was longer for memori...

Theories of conduct disorder: a causal modelling analysis
von De Bruyn, E; Krol, N; Morton, J
In: Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines, 45 (2004), 4, p. 727-742

...Background: If a clinician has to make decisions on diagnosis and treatment, he or she is confronted with a variety of causal theories. In order to compare these theories a neutral terminology and not...

Responses to mother's face in 3-week to 5-month-old infants
von Bartrip, J; Morton, J
In: British Journal of Developmental Psychology, 19 (2001), 2, p. 219-32

...Previous research has shown that while 4-day-old infants looked longer at their mother's face than at a stranger's, they did not do so if both women were wearing headscarves. Found similar results for...

More PACE less speed
von Morton, J
In: Police Review, 98 (1990), 1 Jun 90, 1101 p.

...A solicitor examines the case of a suspected sex offender of low intelligence, where, during interviews, legal safeguards (laid down in the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984) were breached. (Abstr...

Misplaced views from the bench
von Morton, J
In: Police Review, 96 (1988), 23 Dec 88, 2659 p.

...Reviews some of the unfortunate comments from judges. (PAS)...

Move justice into the fast lane
von Morton, J
In: Police Review, 99 (1991), 13 Sep 91, p. 1852-3

...Argues that streamlined court procedures would save time and money besides discouraging the bail bandits. (Original abstract)...

Unsolved murders across the channel
von Morton, J
In: Police Review, 97 (1989), 15 Sep 89, 1876-7 : il.

...Reports on the growing list of Britons who have been murdered in France over the years, but the crimes have not been solved by the French police. (Abstract amended)...

Entrapment and the courts
von Morton, J
In: Policing, 10 (1994), 3, p. 188-95

...Reviews a number of recent cases involving entrapment which suggest that British courts are likely to rule on individual examples rather than on a general principle; in the US the opposite usually app...

Entertainment disallowed
von Morton, J
In: New Law Journal, 137 (1987), 11 Dec 87, 1153-4 : il.

...Notes the lengths Channel 4 went to to produce a documentary reconstruction of part of the appeal of the men convicted of the Birmingham bomb murders, being heard at the time in Court 12 at the Centra...

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