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Unhappy returns
von Crail, M; Millar, B
In: Health Service Journal, 17 (1996), p. 10-11

...Describes how finance managers, specialist VAT consultants and even civil servants at the NHS Executive have been left in a state of shock by a new Customs ruling that the NHS can reclaim VAT on contr...

The patient care development programme: organisational development through user and staff involvement
von Hill, P; O'Grady, A; Millar, B; Boswell, K
In: International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance, 13 (2000), 4/5, p. 153-61

...A number of approaches have been developed in recent years to try effectively to engage service users in the process of planning and delivering health care services. The consumerist methodology for th...

Using television 'info-tainment' to promote health: evaluation of a programme to reduce dietary sodium intake
von Chapman, S; Clift, S; Fahey, P; Millar, B
In: Health Education Research, 5 (1990), Sep 90, p. 343-51

...The impact of materials sent to viewers of a national television programme urging them to reduce dietary sodium was evaluated, with pre-trial and 3 month post-trial changes in sodium:potassium ratio i...

IHSM focus
von Butler, P; Davies, P; Hunter, H; Millar, B
In: Health Service Journal, 105 (1995), 5457, p. 12-17

...Reports from the Institute of Health Services Management's annual conference in Harrogate, where the theme was `Beyond Management'. Finds that there is a great deal of uncertainty, on a personal and p...

Information--the rise of new realism
von Coad, H; Davies, P; Millar, B
In: Health Service Journal, 97 (1987), 22 Oct 87, 1226-7 : il.

...Reports on the deliberations of Health Service Journal's conference 'Better information: better care' supported by Arthur Young. (Abstract amended)...

Best of British..
von Clarke, A; Woodhouse, K; Millar, B
In: Community Practitioner, 74 (2001), 7, p. 246-50

...The NHS Plan and devolution are meant to empower staff and local communities. Looks at how the changes are affecting community practitioners across the UK with reports from England and Northern Irelan...

Enrolled nurse conversion: trapped into training
von Dowswell, T; Hewison, J; Millar, B
In: Journal of Advanced Nursing, 28 (1998), 3, p. 540-7

...Interviewed sixteen ENs taking part in an open learning conversion course who described their motives for undertaking the course and the impact of the course on their work and home lives. Data reveale...

Begging the question
von Millar, B
In: Health Service Journal, 102 (1992), 9 Apr 92, 14-15 : il.

...Considers to what extent hospitals should rely on donations for their funding. (PFB)...

Behind closed doors: trouble and strife
von Millar, B
In: Health Service Journal, 20 (1997), p. 26-9

...The relationship between chairs and chief executives is crucial to the smooth running of an NHS organisation and is often highly charged. It is one of the focal relationships in the NHS and, good or b...

Bill's struggle: exploring practice guided by Parse's theory of human becoming
von Millar, B
In: European Nurse, 1 (1996), 1, p. 16-17

...A nurse explains how he found a new way of relating to a patients, by allowing the patient to explore his options rather than trying to diagnose or problem solve for the patient....

Blend ambition?
von Millar, B
In: Health Service Journal, 104 (1994), 5416, 10-11 : il.

...Reports on a row over joint commissioning which has highlighted widespread fears of an HA takeover of FHSAs. (Original abstract-amended)...

Bone of contention
von Millar, B; Crail, M
In: Health Service Journal, 106 (1996), p. 14-15

...From £2,000 `golden hellos' to in-house swimming pools, trusts are having to offer considerable inducements to recruit and retain staff. Reports on the growing demands of candidates for top NHS job...

Broad minded
von Millar, B
In: Health Service Journal, 14 (2002), 12-13 : il.

...Suggests that primary care trusts' cross-discipline approach could provide a vital impetus towards eradicating health inequalities. Reports from the UK Public Health Association's conference in Glasgo...

Broadmoor senses a breath of change
von Millar, B
In: Health Service Journal, 99 (1989), 2 Feb 89, 138-9 : il.

...In place of strife, there's talk of therapy, excellence, warders joining the health service unions--and Jimmy Savile. Hears from some of the hospital's key players. (Original abstract)...

Boarding school
von Millar, B
In: Health Service Journal, 105 (1995), 5479, p. 30-1

...Describes a training programme specifically designed by the Centre for Board Development (a body established by NAHAT) to meet the needs of NHS board members. The programme offers a variety of modular...

A bottomless pit?
von Millar, B
In: Nursing Times, 86 (1990), 31 Oct 90, p. 33-4

...Grading appeals continue unabated, and are proving costly in terms of time and money. Wonders whether there is now a danger that cost consideration is being put before fairness. (Original abstract)...

Coach outings
von Millar, B
In: Health Service Journal, 22 (2001), 8 : il.

...Describes how the new Leadership Centre for Health will build on previous NHS initiatives to develop management careers. It is aimed at a much wider group of staff than the existing management develop...

Chief concerns
von Millar, B
In: Health Service Journal, 24 (2000), 17, 19 : il.

...Devising a leadership programme for NHS chief executives is a challenging undertaking. Assesses what those in the first intake hope to get out of the programme, an intellectually rigorous package whic...

Changing paces
von Millar, B
In: Health Service Journal, 24 (1998), 30-1 : il.

...Argues that investment in human resource management skills is going to be essential to implement widespread organisational change in the NHS. Discusses how these skills will be accessed and profiles t...

Clydebank plan sparks clashes
von Millar, B
In: Health Service Journal, 97 (1987), 3 Sep 87, 1004-5 : il.

...Plans for a new private hospital in Clydebank have united strange bedfellows in opposition. Looks at why the development has stirred up so much resentment. (Abstract amended)...

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