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Beliefs about suicide in American and Turkish students
von Lester, D; Icli, T
In: Journal of Social Psychology, 130 (1990), Dec 90, p. 825-7

...American undergraduates had been more preoccupied with suicide in the past than Turkish undergraduates, a finding consistent with the official suicide rates of the 2 nations. However, both groups rate...

Bellicose nations and rates of personal violence
von Lester, D
In: International Social Science Review, 69 (1994), 1 and 2, p. 13-16 table

...Sought to clarify whether those nations more involved in war differ in modern times in their rates of personal violence. The dependent variables are suicide and homicide, and 2 measures suggested by W...

Bias resulting from the choice of sample and results of cross-national analyses of suicide rates
von Lester, D; Stack, S
In: Quality and Quantity, 23 (1989), Jun 89, p. 221-3

...Explores the relationship between the quality of life and suicide rates using different criteria to choose a sample of nations. It was found that restricting the sample to European or industrialized n...

Accuracy of recognition of genuine versus simulated suicide
von Lester, D
In: Personality and Individual Differences, 12 (1991), 1991, p. 765-6

...Extraversion scores predicted the ability of naive subjects to determine which suicide notes were genuine and which were simulated. Scores on the short form of the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (R...

Access to gambling opportunities and compulsive gambling
von Lester, D
In: International Journal of the Addictions, 29 (1994), 12, p. 1611-16 table

...A study of the states of America indicated that the opportunity to gamble at casinos, with slot machines, on sports betting, at jai alai, and in teletheaters is associated with a greater per capita in...

Ecological correlates of adolescent attempted suicide
von Lester, D
In: Adolescence, 25 (1990), Summer 90, p. 483-5

...Rates of adolescent attempted suicide were found to be higher in electoral wards where child neglect and misbehavior were more common. Rates of attempted suicide in the total population also were rela...

College students' attitudes toward death today as compared to the 1930s
von Lester, D; Becker, D M
In: Omega: Journal of Death and Dying, 26 (1993), 3, p. 219-22 table

...A questionnaire on attitudes toward death first administered to college students in 1935 was administered to college students in 1991. The students in 1991 showed much greater concern with and anxiety...

Combining opposing methodologies in studies of suicide and homicide
von Lester, D
In: Quality and Quantity, 29 (1995), 1, p. 67-72 : table refs
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...In order to demonstrate a new methodology for time-series studies, 18 social variables for the USA from 1933-1985 were factor-analyzed to reveal 5 independent clusters of variables. Suicide rates were...

Completed suicide in the gifted: a late comment on 'suicide among gifted women'
von Lester, D
In: Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 100 (1991), Nov 91, p. 604-6
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...A recent study by Tomlinson-Keasey, Warren, and Elliott (1986) found differences between completed suicides in Terman's sample of gifted children and comparison subjects. Suggests that the differences...

Economic factors and suicide
von Lester, D
In: Journal of Social Psychology, 128 (1988), Apr 88, p. 245-8
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...In 18 industrialized nations found that the suicide rate was related to both the birth rate and the proportion of females in the labor force. The homicide rate was related to the gross national produc...

Counseling by telephone: advantages and problems
von Lester, D
In: Crisis Intervention and Time-Limited Treatment, 2 (1995), 1, p. 57-69s
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...The many uses to which telephone counselling has been put by mental clinics and by therapists are reviewed. The unique qualities of therapy by telephone are useful for particular kinds of clients and ...

Counseling the suicidal person in the modern age: direct-decision therapy
von Lester, D
In: Crisis Intervention and Time-Limited Treatment, 2 (1995), 2, p. 159-65s

...Suggests that with `how-to-do-it' books available for committing suicide and people advocating physician-assisted suicide, the responsible counselor should be prepared to discuss suicide as a viable o...

Crime as opportunity: a test of the hypothesis with European homicide rates
von Lester, D
In: British Journal of Criminology, 31 (1991), Spring 91, p. 186-8

...A study of European nations indicated that, where firearm availability, as measured by the percentage of suicides using firearms and by the firearm accidental death rate, was greater, then the firearm...

Correlates of regional suicide rates: a meta-analysis
von Lester, D
In: Omega: Journal of Death and Dying, 38 (1999), 2, p. 99-102

...A meta-analysis was conducted of research on the regional correlates of suicide rates within nations. The 14 studies yielded 2 reliable associations - a negative association of regional suicide rates ...

Correlates of styles of love
von Lester, D; Philbrick, J
In: Personality and Individual Differences, 9 (1988), 1988, p. 689-90

...Styles of loving were correlated with neuroticism and extraversion scores. The manic style of love was significantly associated with neuroticism scores, while ludic and erotic love were associated wit...

Correlates of worldwide divorce rates
von Lester, D
In: Journal of Divorce and Remarriage, 26 (1997), 3/4, p. 215-19 : table refs

...A study of nations of the world in 1980 found that national divorce rates were predicted primarily by a cluster of variables measuring development. In contrast, national marriage rates were predicted ...

Cross-national correlations among religion, suicide and homicide
von Lester, D
In: Sociology and Social Research, 71 (1987), Jan 87, p. 103-4
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...Religious beliefs have long been linked to lower rates of suicide. Yet Stack (1983) found that the suicide rate of a sample of 37 nations was related to their level of economic development, the extent...

Differences in the epidemiology of suicide in Asian Americans by nation of origin
von Lester, D
In: Omega: Journal of Death and Dying, 29 (1994), 2, p. 89-93 table
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...Compares the epidemiological patterns of suicide for Chinese, Japanese and Filipino Americans in 1980 with those for whites, African Americans and Native Americans. Finds that the rates and patterns f...

Adolescent suicide risk today: a paradox
von Lester, D
In: Journal of Adolescence, 21 (1998), 4, p. 499-503
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...Youth suicide rates are not increasing in all nations. Suggests that quality of life in nations is improving and that this may increase risk, especially in youth with narcissistic personality traits a...

Adolescents' attitudes toward the death penalty
von Lester, D; Maggioncalda-Aretz, M; Stark, S H
In: Adolescence, 32 (1997), 126, p. 447-9 : table refs
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...A questionnaire was administered to students at two high schools and a state college to determine whether they favoured the death penalty for certain criminal acts. A questionnaire was also administer...

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