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Biographical data, training success and turnover
von Drakeley, R J; Herriot, P; Jones, A
In: Journal of Occupational Psychology, 61 (1988), Jun 88, p. 145-52

...A set of biographical data was collected for a sample of 420 Royal Navy officers in training. Appropriately weighted biodata predicted one of the training performance criteria almost as well as the co...

Stretched to the limit
von Dash, P; Jones, A
In: Health Service Journal, 101 (1991), 17 Oct 91, p. 21-3

...Everyone agrees that junior doctors work excessively long hours. The difficulty has been finding a solution to the problem within staffing limits. Sets out 2 ways to stretch the human resources availa...

Positive participation with purchasers
von McClafferty, V; Jones, A; White, L
In: Health Visitor, 68 (1995), 2, p. 76-7

...East Berkshire health visitors describe their marketing strategy to give individual health visitors the information and confidence to take an active role in contract negotiations. (Original abstract)...

A support initiative for nursing homes
von Lewis, F; Jones, A
In: Nursing Times, 98 (2002), 7, p. 39-40

...Older people are the most vulnerable members of society and often have complex, multidisciplinary needs. Reports on a city-wide scheme in Nottingham to provide comprehensive care for older people in n...

Reconstructing and re-conceptualising social work in the emerging milieu
von McDonald, C; Jones, A
In: Australian Social Work, 53 (2000), 3, p. 3-20
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...Argues that the strategy embodied in promoting traditional professionalism, while moderately successful in the past, has become increasingly problematic. Similarly, the ongoing utility of current appr...

Implementation problems
von Lucas, S; Jones, A; Glover, D
In: Nursing Times, 96 (2000), 11, p. 49-52

...Considers issues related to the implementation of clinical supervision. Suggests that, in order to avoid problems, it is useful to do some groundwork before introducing clinical supervision and to pla...

Cancer patients' information needs and information seeking behaviour: in depth interview study
von Leydon, G M; Boulton, M; Moynihan, C; Jones, A; Mossman, J; Boudioni, M; McPherson, K
In: British Medical Journal, 320 (2000), 7239, p. 909-13
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...Explores why cancer patients do not want or seek information about their condition beyond that volunteered by their physicians at times during their illness. Findings show that cancer patients' attitu...

Transference, insight, and the course of time-limited therapy
von Gelso, C J; Kivlighan, D M; Wine, B; Jones, A; Friedman, S C
In: Journal of Counseling Psychology, 44 (1997), 2, p. 209-17
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...Examined the interactive role of therapist-rated transference and insight (in first session and first quarter of treatment) in predicting the outcome of time-limited therapy; and the course of therapi...

`The Depot Group': mutual injection of emotion in community psychiatry
von Gordon, J; Adebakin, D; Jones, A
In: Group Analysis, 27 (1994), 4, p. 449-57

...`Care in the community' has become a political slogan with little understanding of its financial and emotional aspects. Relates clinical material presented to a supervision group in a Community Mental...

Medication, chronic illness and identity: the perspective of people with asthma
von Adams, S; Pill, R; Jones, A
In: Social Science and Medicine, 45 (1997), 2, p. 189-201s
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...Focuses on the perspective of a sample of South Wales asthma patients who have all been prescribed prophylactic medication in the last 12 months and explores their attitudes to medication in the conte...

Treatment setting and treatment outcome in alcohol dependency: residential and day-care options compared
von Booth, P G; Jones, A; Taylor, N; Murphy, D
In: Health and Social Care in the Community, 6 (1998), 4, p. 251-9

...Evaluates treatment outcome for alcohol dependent patients following a cognitive-behavioural programme held in either an in-patient or day-patient setting, which had been chosen by the patients. Aimed...

Common ground
von Butt, J; Barn, R; Biehal, N; Jones, A
In: Community Care, 20 (1996), p. 24-5

...Looks at the consensus around the practical solutions now emerging in social care provision for black children and their families. Argues that change must be more radical than the adoption of suitable...

West Glamorgan grows its own managers
von Button, J; Jones, A
In: Health Manpower Management, 14 (1989), Apr 89, 14-16 : il.

...Discusses the attempts of West Glamorgan health authority to formulate and implement a strategy to develop general management and effective general managers. (Abstract amended)...

Is anybody out there?
von Bavin, J; Jones, A
In: Community Care (1989), 6 Jul 89, 18-19 : il.

...Describes the use of local commercial radio to get a promotion project for good mental health across to the general public. (Abstract amended)...

Communication about parental illness with children who have learning disabilities and behavioural problems: three case studies
von Barnes, J; Kroll, L; Lee, J; Jones, A; Stein, A
In: Child: Care, Health and Development, 24 (1998), 6, p. 441-56

...When children have a disability, families can be reluctant to communicate with them about family difficulties. Reports on 3 families in which the mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and one child ...

Factors predicting communication about the diagnosis of maternal breast cancer to children
von Barnes, J; Kroll, L; Lee, J; Burke, O; Jones, A; Stein, A
In: Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 52 (2002), 4, p. 209-14

...Describes a semistructured interview administered to 32 women with breast cancer who had 56 school-aged children, regarding timing and extent of communication with children from the time that a proble...

Qualitative interview study of communication between parents and children about maternal breast cancer
von Barnes, J; Kroll, L; Burke, O; Lee, J; Jones, A; Stein, A
In: British Medical Journal, 321 (2000), 7259, p. 479-82

...Examines parents' communication with their children about the diagnosis and initial treatment of breast cancer in the mother in two London breast cancer treatment centres. 32 women with stage I or sta...

Improving care for people with learning disabilities
von Bollands, R; Jones, A
In: Nursing Times, 98 (2002), 35, p. 38-9

...In November 1998, a project group began a review of acute hospital service provision in Sheffield for people with learning disabilities and their carers. The aim was to produce recommendations for fut...

Evaluating a community-based multiprofessional course in community health
von Blumenthal, D S; Jones, A; McNeal, M
In: Education for Health, 14 (2001), 2, p. 251-5

...Evaluates student response to a community health course taught using a small-group, interdisciplinary, service-learning approach. Finds that a course in community health is best taught in the communit...

Factors determining participation in young adults with a physical disability: a pilot study
von Bent, N; Jones, A; Molloy, I; Chamberlain, M A; Tennant, A
In: Clinical Rehabilitation, 15 (2001), 5, p. 552-61
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...Evaluates the usefulness of measures of health and psychosocial status for use with young people with physical and complex disability. Also tests empirically a conceptual model of the factors determin...

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