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Implementation of a major in mental health nursing in Australian universities
von Happell, Brenda; Moxham, Lorna; Clarke, Karen-Ann
In: International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 20 (2011), 4, p. 237-246

...The difficulty recruiting and retaining an adequate mental health nursing workforce is acknowledged. The major in mental health nursing has been identified as a strategy to promote this specialist are...

Clinical experience in mental health nursing: Determining satisfaction and the influential factors
von Happell, Brenda
In: Nurse Education Today, 28 (2008), 7, p. 849-855

...Clinical exposure to the mental health environment has been identified as a major factor in promoting a more favourable attitude towards mental health nursing. However, little attention has been devot...

Reflecting on Holistic Nursing: The Contribution of an Academic With Lived Experience of Mental Health Service Use
von Byrne, Louise; Happell, Brenda; Welch, Anthony; Moxham, Lorna
In: Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 34 (2013), 4, p. 265-272

...The educational preparation of registered nurses is presumed to reflect a holistic approach with emphasis on the bio-psycho-social model of care. The broader literature suggests this goal is not alway...

The Importance of Communication for Clinical Leaders in Mental Health Nursing: The Perspective of Nurses Working in Mental Health
von Ennis, Gary; Happell, Brenda; Broadbent, Marc; Reid-Searl, Kerry
In: Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 34 (2013), 11, p. 814-819

...Communication has been identified as an important attribute of clinical leadership in nursing. However, there is a paucity of research on its relevance in mental health nursing. This article presents ...

Continuing challenges for the mental health consumer workforce: A role for mental health nurses
von Cleary, Michelle; Horsfall, Jan; Hunt, Glenn E.; Escott, Phil; Happell, Brenda
In: International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 20 (2011), 6, p. 438-444

...The aim of this paper is to discuss issues impacting on consumer workforce participation and challenges that continue to arise for these workers, other service providers, and the mental health system....

Promoting mental health nursing: Employing undergraduate nursing students as assistants in mental health
von Cleary, Michelle; Horsfall, Jan; Happell, Brenda
In: International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 21 (2012), 1, p. 69-74

...The difficulty in attracting graduates of nursing programmes into mental health nursing (MHN) remains an ongoing challenge. Moreover, it is frequently claimed that undergraduate nursing students do no...

Consumer involvement in the tertiary-level education of mental health professionals: A systematic review
von Happell, Brenda; Byrne, Louise; McAllister, Margaret; Lampshire, Debra; Roper, Cath; Gaskin, Cadeyrn J.; Martin, Graham; Wynaden, Dianne; McKenna, Brian; Lakeman, Richard; Platania-Phung, Chris; Hamer, Helen
In: International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 23 (2014), 1, p. 3-16

...A systematic review of the published work on consumer involvement in the education of health professionals was undertaken using the PRISMA guidelines. Searches of the CINAHL, MEDLINE, and PsychINFO el...

Investigating Self-Reported Health Behaviors in Australian Adults with Mental Illness
von Scott, David; Happell, Brenda; Strange, Sheree; Platania-Phung, Chris
In: Behavioral Medicine, 39 (2013), 1-4, p. 60-65

...To investigate self-reported health behaviors among Australian adults with mental illness, 1,935 Australian adults completed an online survey including the Kessler Psychological Distress Scale and ins...

Exercise for mental illness: A systematic review of inpatient studies
von Stanton, Robert; Happell, Brenda
In: International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 23 (2014), 3, p. 232-242

...A substantial body of evidence supports the role of exercise interventions for people with a mental illness. However, much of this literature is conducted using outpatient and community-based populati...

Citation analysis of mental health nursing journals: How should we rank thee
von Hunt, Glenn E.; Happell, Brenda; Chan, Sally W.-C.; Cleary, Michelle
In: International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 21 (2012), 6, p. 576-580

...The journal impact factor (JIF), and how best to rate the performance of a journal and the articles they contain, are areas of great debate. The aim of this paper was to assess various ranking methods...

Power, effects, confidence, and significance: An investigation of statistical practices in nursing research
von Gaskin, Cadeyrn J; Happell, Brenda
In: International Journal of Nursing Studies, 51 (2014), 5, p. 795-806

...To (a) assess the statistical power of nursing research to detect small, medium, and large effect sizes; (b) estimate the experiment-wise Type I error rate in these studies; and (c) assess the extent ...

Physical and psychosocial wellbeing of nurses in a regional Queensland hospital
von Happell, Brenda; Gaskin, Cadeyrn J.; Reid-Searl, Kerry; Dwyer, Trudy
In: Collegian, 21 (2014), 1, p. 71-78

...Summary Occupational stress is common among nurses. Two factors that may influence stress levels are diet and physical activity. The purpose of this study was to investigate the diets and physical act...

Opportunity lost? The major in mental health nursing in Australia
von Happell, Brenda; McAllister, Margaret; Gaskin, Cadeyrn J
In: Nurse Education Today, 34 (2014), 6, p. E13-E17

...The ongoing difficulty in educating and sustaining an adequate nursing workforce in mental health settings has been identified throughout the world. Different strategies have been implemented internat...

What Determines Whether Nurses Provide Physical Health Care to Consumers With Serious Mental Illness?
von Happell, Brenda; Platania-Phung, Chris; Scott, David
In: Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 28 (2014), 2, p. 87-93

...People with serious mental illness (SMI) have heightened rates of chronic physical disease. This study aimed to identify what nurse and organisational factors predict physical health care provided by ...

Development, Validation and Initial Outcomes of a Questionnaire to Investigate the Views of Nurses Working in a Mental Health Setting Regarding a Cardiometabolic Health Nursing Role
von Happell, Brenda; Stanton, Robert; Hoey, Wendy; Scott, David
In: Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 28 (2014), 2, p. 123-127

...People with serious mental illness experience disparities in primary health care. One solution is a specialist nursing position responsible for the coordination of the primary care of people with seri...

Keeping the Flame Alight: Understanding and Enhancing Interest in Mental Health Nursing as a Career
von Happell, Brenda; Welch, Tony; Moxham, Lorna; Byrne, Louise
In: Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 27 (2013), 4, p. 161-165

...Mental health nursing is not regarded favourably by most Bachelor of Nursing (BN) students as a desirable career option. However, little is known about what attracts those students who do become inter...

Poor Sleep Quality in Australian Adults With Comorbid Psychological Distress and Physical Illness
von Scott, David; Paterson, Jessica L.; Happell, Brenda
In: Behavioral Sleep Medicine, 12 (2014), 4, p. 331-341

...A population-based questionnaire study of 1,818 Australian adults investigated associations of sleep quality with psychological distress and comorbid physical health disorders. The Kessler Psychologic...

Rural physical health care services for people with serious mental illness: A nursing perspective
von Happell, Brenda; Scott, David; Platania-Phung, Chris; Nankivell, Janette
In: Australian Journal of Rural Health, 20 (2012), 5, p. 248-253

...Objective: To understand nurse perspectives on the physical health needs of their mental health clients and how well rural services are meeting their overall care needs. Design: Focus groups with semi...

Meaningful Information or a Bureaucratic Exercise? Exploring the Value of Routine Outcome Measurement in Mental Health
von Happell, Brenda
In: Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 29 (2008), 10, p. 1098-1114

...Routine outcome measures have been introduced into mental health services throughout Australia, with the ultimate aim of developing standards for service delivery, and a means to determine the extent ...

Polarisation and Political Correctness: Subtle Barriers to Consumer Participation in Mental Health Services
von Happell, Brenda
In: Australian e-Journal for the Advancement of Mental Health , 7 (2008), 3

...The expectation that consumers & carers are active participants in all aspects of mental health service delivery has been a feature of Australian national mental health policy for more than a decade. ...

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