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The sexual health caseloads of general practitioners in Queensland
von Dunne, M P; George, M; Byrne, D; Patten, J
In: Venereology, 8 (1995), 2, p. 71-5 : table refs

...Describes results of a random postal survey which achieved returns from 275 GPs who had had at least one sexual health consultation at their primary practice location. Most consultations in the previo...

The prevalence of urinary symptoms in patients with chronic neurological disease
von Thomas, T M; Parikshak, N; George, M; Gibson, M; Meade, T W
In: Community Medicine, 10 (1988), May 88, p. 124-9

...The prevalence of chronic neurological disease was 0.73 per 1000 in males and 1.01 per 1000 in females. Ninety-seven (83 per cent) of the 117 men and 161 (86 per cent) of the 188 women had had urinary...

Bigger slices from a smaller cake
von George, M
In: Community Care (1990), 28 Jun 90, 29-31 : il.

...Reflects on the impossibility of planning social service budgets. (Abstract amended)...

Behind closed doors
von George, M
In: Community Care, 27 (1997), p. 20-1

...The subject of client sexuality is still largely taboo, and social workers are often afraid to raise the subject for fear of appearing intrusive. Looks at some of the concerns surrounding this subject...

Building for the future
von George, M
In: Community Care, 13 (2000), 32-3 : il.

...Talks to social worker Pat Barker about how she walked a difficult line when trying to help an elderly client who did not want housing repairs despite the dangerous condition of her property. Presents...

Being set up to fail?
von George, M
In: Community Care, 27 (1997), 30-1 : il.

...Social services have a better record than many employers on equal opportunities. But black managers remain concerned about a career path strewn with obstacles caused by discrimination. Argues that dep...

Border control
von George, M
In: Community Care, 18 (2000), 34-5 : il.

...Talks to social worker Simon Southworth about his handling of a difficult client with a borderline personality disorder. The client was in possession of knives and guns, and evidently posed a risk to ...

Breaking the cycle
von George, M
In: Community Care, 24 (2000), 30-1 : il.

...Talks to social worker Yasmin Ishaq about how she has attempted to improve the wellbeing of an older woman with mental health problems who was referred to assertive outreach team. Presents the case no...

Broken promises
von George, M
In: Community Care (1995), 1082, p. 16-17

...Discusses a research report released by disability charity Scope which confirms that the needs-led, user-controlled services originally promised by the Griffiths report and the subsequent Caring for P...

Britain's cheapskate economy
von George, M
In: New Statesman and Society, 2 (1989), 17 Feb 89, p. 24-5

...Britain is out of step with most EEC countries in opposing a national minimum wage, in its provision for unemployed and redundant workers, and in restricting the social rights of low paid workers. (CP...

Battle with the bottle
von George, M
In: Community Care, 3 (1998), 24-5 : il.

...Describes how parents with a history of alcohol misuse presented social worker Graeme Simpson with the problem of finding a balance between protecting their children from abuse and preserving the fami...

Above suspicion
von George, M
In: Community Care (1994), 1005, p. 12-13

...SSDs' entry into the purchasing whirl means staff must be above all suspicion when it comes to negotiating contracts for care. Looks at new guidelines and how they are being put into practice. (Origin...

'Eccentric' - or a danger to health?
von George, M
In: Community Care, 10 (1999), 30-1 : il.

...Talks to social worker Roger Parke who had to address the question of when an unusual way of life becomes a threat to health when trying to help twin brothers who hoarded rubbish, endangering their pe...

Access to change
von George, M
In: Community Care, 5 (1996), p. 32-3

...Looks at the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 which has massive implications for social services departments, many of which backed disabled people in their battle for legal right...

Child rights
von George, M
In: Community Care (1995), 1090, p. 16-17

...Campaigners are fighting for a children's rights commissioner despite government insistence that there is already sufficient legislation. Reports on some lessons to be learned from Sweden and Australi...

Children must come first
von George, M
In: Community Care, 25 (2001), 40-1 : il.

...There is only so much time social work teams can give to parents who show little interest in bringing up their children. Talks to senior social worker Joanna Davis about the case of a young mother wit...

Change of course
von George, M
In: Community Care, 28 (1999), 34-5 : il.

...Discusses a practice case study in which child protection worker Derek Barker saw that assessment of a couple with a history of poor parenting and abuse could exacerbate an already fraught situation. ...

Changing trends in drug use: the second follow-up of a local heroin using community
von George, M; Fraser, A
In: British Journal of Addiction, 84 (1989), Dec 89, p. 1461-6

...Following police closure of the cohort's central point for drug distribution, the social network of the cohort was preserved. Heroin returned to Seadown initially through a small, unstable and informa...

Charged to survive
von George, M
In: Community Care (1995), 1050, p. 12-13

...Disabled and elderly people are increasingly having to face hefty charges for using local authority services. Looks at some ways in which user and carer groups are fighting back against this practice....

Charter accounts
von George, M
In: New Statesman and Society, 2 (1989), 11 Aug 89, p. 22-3

...Discusses the main points of the European Social Charter, and what it would mean to Britain. (RSM)...

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