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Sex Differences in Parents' Estimation of Their Own and Their Children's Intelligence
von Furnham, Adrian; Bunclark, Katherine
In: Intelligence, 34 (2006), 1, p. 1-14
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...In this study 141 British parents estimated their own, & one of their children's IQ on their overall intelligence as well as on Gardner's (1983) [Gardner, H. (1983). Frames of the mind: The theory of ...

Explaining individual differences in scholastic behaviour and achievement
von Chamorro-Premuzic, Tomas; Frederickson, Norah; Furnham, Adrian; Petrides, K V
In: British Journal of Educational Psychology, 75 (2005), 2, p. 239-255
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...Background. This paper presents results from the first wave of a longitudinal study examining the effects of various psychosocial variables on scholastic achievement and behaviour at school. Aims. The...

Selecting your boss: Sex, age, IQ and EQ factors
von Furnham, Adrian; McClelland, Alistair; Mansi, Angela
In: Personality and Individual Differences, 53 (2012), 5, p. 552-556

...This paper set out to examine the way people weigh information when making upward decisions as to who they would like as a boss. One hundred and sixty seven participants rank ordered 16 potential boss...

Bright aspects to dark side traits: Dark side traits associated with work success
von Furnham, Adrian; Trickey, Geoff; Hyde, Gillian
In: Personality and Individual Differences, 52 (2012), 8, p. 908-913

...Dark side traits have been associated as much with success as failure in specific occupations. This study examines the possibility that some "dark side" traits may be advantageous in particular occupa...

The Effect of French Television Sexual Program Content on the Recall of Sexual and Nonsexual Advertisements
von Furnham, Adrian; Mainaud, Laurence
In: The Journal of Sex Research, 48 (2011), 6, p. 590-598

...This study examined the impact of television program sexual content and explicit sexual advertisement content on memory for advertisements. Eighty-two French participants, aged 18 to 48 years, watched...

Organizational Psychology and poverty reduction: where supply meets demand
von Carr, Stuart C.; MacLachlan, Malcolm; Reichman, Walter; Klobas, Jane; Berry, Mary O'Neill; Furnham, Adrian
In: Journal of Organizational Behavior, 29 (2008), 7, p. 843-851

...Developing a globally responsive Science-Practitioner-Humanist model (Lefkowitz, [2008]) means articulating professional values (supply) and meeting global demand. The United Nations' Millennium Devel...

Personality and Intelligence Correlates of Assessment Center Exercises
von Furnham, Adrian; Taylor, John; Chamorro-Premuzic, Tomas
In: Individual Differences Research, 6 (2008), 3, p. 181-192

...One hundred and eighty-eight prospective managers completed a Five Factor personality test (NEO-FFI) and an intelligence test (Ravens Progressive Matrices) and then a short quarter-day assessment exer...

Memory for Sexual and Nonsexual Television Commercials as a Function of Viewing Context and Viewer Gender
von Leka, Jona; McClelland, Alastair; Furnham, Adrian
In: Applied Cognitive Psychology, 27 (2013), 5, p. 584-592

...The present study investigated memory for sexual and nonsexual commercials as a function of programme-commercial congruity and programme-induced level of involvement. Participants were allocated to on...

Personality, age, and fluid intelligence
von Furnham, Adrian; Moutafi, Joanna
In: Australian Journal of Psychology, 64 (2012), 3, p. 128-137

...A total of 383 participants (aged 19 to 66 years) completed the Raven's Progressive Matrices, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior (FIRO...

Modern health worries and personality
von Furnham, Adrian; Strait, Luciana; Hughes, David J
In: Personality and Mental Health, 6 (2012), 3, p. 242-254

...Using self-report data, we investigated whether personality traits are associated with, or predictive of, modern health worries (MHWs), which are popular concerns that people have that their health is...

Assessing Aberrant Personality in Managerial Coaching: Measurement Issues and Prevalence Rates across Employment Sectors
von De Fruyt, Filip; Wille, Bart; Furnham, Adrian
In: European Journal of Personality, 27 (2013), 6, p. 555-564

...The convergent and discriminant validity of two methods to assess a broad spectrum of aberrant personality tendencies was examined in a large sample of managers who were administered the NEO-PI-R (N =...

The effect of background music and noise on the cognitive test performance of introverts and extraverts
von Dobbs, Stacey; Furnham, Adrian; McClelland, Alastair
In: Applied Cognitive Psychology, 25 (2011), 2, p. 307-313

...Previous research has found that the performance of introverts on complex cognitive tasks is more negatively affected by distracters, e.g. music and background noise, than the performance of extravert...

Psychiatric literacy: Lay beliefs of obsessive-compulsive personality disorder
von Koutoufa, Iakovina; Furnham, Adrian
In: Counselling Psychology Quarterly, 27 (2014), 3, p. 277-289

...This study examined the lay perceptions of the nature, aetiology and treatment of obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD). An opportunistic, predominantly British, sample of 342 participants ...

The relationship between the revised neo-personality inventory and the Myers-Briggs type indicator
von Crump, John; Furnham, Adrian; Moutafi, Joanna
In: Social Behavior and Personality, 31 (2003), 6, p. 577-584
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...This study investigated the relationship between two of the most widely used personality measures, the Revised NEO Personality Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. A total of 900 participant...

Can Personality Factors Predict Intelligence?
von Moutafi, Joanna; Furnham, Adrian; Paltiel, Laurence
In: Personality and Individual Differences, 38 (2005), 5, p. 1021-1033
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...The present study investigated the relationship between personality traits and psychometric intelligence. A total of 4859 participants completed the Critical Reasoning Test Battery (GRT2) and the Fift...

Mental health literacy among university students
von Furnham, Adrian; Cook, Richard; Martin, Neil; Batey, Mark
In: Journal of Public Mental Health, 10 (2011), 4, p. 198-210
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...Purpose -- The purpose of this paper is to explore the mental health literacy of students. This study is part of the growing interest in mental health literacy among young people. Design/methodology/a...

Trauma type affects recognition of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder among online respondents in the UK and Ireland
von Merritt, Christopher J.; Tharp, Ian J.; Furnham, Adrian
In: Journal of Affective Disorders, 164 (2014), p. 123-129

...Background: Mental Health Literacy (MHL) predicts help-seeking for mental health difficulties. Public surveys show high recognition of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in relation to military con...

The relationship between somatic expression, psychological distress and GP consultation in two cultural groups
von Sheikh, Shaheen; Furnham, Adrian
In: Counselling Psychology Quarterly, 25 (2012), 4, p. 389-402

...This article sets out to examine the relationship between cultural and demographic factors and psychological distress, somatic expression of distress and frequency of general practitioner (GP) consult...

Lay understandings of defence mechanisms: The role of personality traits and gender
von Furnham, Adrian
In: Psychology, Health & Medicine, 17 (2012), 6, p. 723-734

...This study looks at lay people's knowledge and use of the defence mechanisms. It focused on 21 of the better known 'Freudian' defence mechanisms. A total of 208 participants (73 males and 135 females)...

Sex differences in estimating multiple intelligences in self and others: A replication in Russia
von Furnham, Adrian; Shagabutdinova, Ksenia
In: International Journal of Psychology, 47 (2012), 6, p. 448-459

...This was a crosscultural study that focused on sex differences in self- and other-estimates of multiple intelligences (including 10 that were specified by Gardner, 1999 and three by Sternberg, 1988) a...

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